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Community Safety Murder Female Aggression Family Violence Stabbing Man stabbed in Mernda home Melbourne Herald Sun September 30, 2017 Misandry Gender Bias Gender Specific approach to Crime "Would the authorities intervene to protect a Male? A Girl can't hurt anyone" Pete Dowe

Would the authorities intervene to protect a Male?

A Girl can't hurt anyone

Pete Dowe

"...(physical) violence is not gender specific. Whether it’s a man or a woman hitting you, you’re still being hit.”
November 8, 2015

Man stabbed in Mernda home

A WOMAN has been charged with murder after a man was allegedly stabbed to death in Mernda last night.
The 30-year-old is due to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today over the incident at Ramez St, in Melbourne’s northeast.
Emergency services were called to the address following reports of a stabbing around 5pm on Friday.
The victim died at the scene and homicide detectives arrested the Mernda woman.
A police spokeswoman last night said the man and his attacker were known to each other.
A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said a caucasian couple and three children lived in the house.

Police investigate a stabbing, which left a man dead in Mernda. Picture: Tim Carrafa

Police at a Mernda house where a man was stabbed. Pictures: Tim Carrafa
A policewoman inside the house in Mernda. Pictures: Tim Carrafa
“They’ve argued every night for the past couple of months,” she said.
“They’re always screaming and slamming doors.”
A husband and wife, who live opposite the couple, said they overhead the pair having a heated argument on Thursday.
“It sounded like a lovers’ tiff,” they said.
“He was yelling ‘open the f---ing door, don’t be a dumb b — ch’.
“Sounded like she locked him out when he went out to get the mail.”

The scene outside a house in Mernda, where a man was stabbed. Pictures: Tim Carrafa
The scene on Ramez St, Mernda. Pictures: Tim Carrafa

The Herald Sun understands the couple’s three children remain in the care of another neighbour.
Forensic detectives began collecting evidence from inside the home just before 8.30pm.
A childproof fence could be seen through a second story window.

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