Friday, October 13, 2017

Community Safety Feminism Victimhood not Empowerment VIDEO Documentary Scandalous Women and Comment by Pete Dowe

How to snatch #victimhood from the jaws of #empowerment
#victim narrative: Women in marriage in 19th Century England were non-persons, no rights under law, no rights to custody
#empowerment (you don't hear this) A Wife and Mother in 19th Century England sucessfully advocated to change the law!
Now Hear This Now Hear This Now Hear This
A Girl can achieve anything she sets her mind to
That Is All
#feminism I first heard of the women in this documentary from a #feminist friend. It did not instantly occur to me that she was going all the way back to 19th Century England to cite her example of historical disempowerment.
The woman she mentioned is the one committed to an asylum by her husband, except he didn't, she consented to go.
This is an important point. 
Firstly even in 19th Century England a Man could not have his wife committed to an asylum without her consent.
Was she pressured? Yes
And the hard life lesson is she disempowered herself to a snake in the grass.
We can't afford to give the snakes and snakettes of the world a free kick

Pete Dowe 

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