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Community Safety #genderequality 60% #female representation #GirlsTakeOver ? Women Hold More Than Half The Seats On Water Boards Victorian Government Minister for Water Media Release 11 September 2017 #genderbalance #genderimbalance and Comment by Pete Dowe Will the Government value 50% #masculine representation?


#genderequality ? 60% #female representation

Will the Government value 50% #masculine representation?

or will it go the way of alienating the guys 

and then claiming men don't want to serve on committees?

The beginning of the "right kind" of gender imbalance?

"Don't mess around, the Commissar's in town"

I could also say "Jobs for the girls!"

Pete Dowe

Women Hold More Than Half The Seats On Water Boards

The Andrews Labor Government has achieved gender equality on water boards, with women now holding 50 per cent or more of seats on all water boards across the state.
Women also hold 50 per cent of seats on the boards of Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) across the state.
The new appointments being announced by Minister for Water Lisa Neville today bring fresh skills into the sector and ensure that CMA and water corporations reflect the communities they represent.
In 2015 we saw more than 50 per cent of board seats being held by women, however some individual boards are still comprised of more men overall. While female representation on water boards was as low as 38 per cent in 2014, appointments announced today mean that the Victorian water sector now has:
  • 60 per cent women across all CMA boards
  • 53 per cent women across all water corporation boards
  • 60 per cent female chairs for CMAs and water corporation boards
  • Five Aboriginal Victorians on CMA boards
These changes reflect priorities set out in Water for Victoria, which identified the need to promote gender equality and diversity within the water sector, including opportunities for Traditional Owners to participate on boards across the sector.
This new approach to water management in Victoria will boost security of supply for households, industry and the farm sector, and meet environmental needs.
Ms Neville congratulated those board members who have been appointed or re-appointed to the boards, and thanked all continuing and departing board members for their service to the water sector and the community.
CMAs and water corporations play an important role working with local communities to deliver healthier rivers, waterways and water storages.
They are also vital to the implementation of Water for Victoria – the Labor Government’s plan to secure water supplies at affordable prices and meet the challenges of climate change and population growth.
The appointment of all board members is a robust and fair process, based on the skill and merit of the applicants.
For a full list of all new water board appointments visit:
Quotes attributable to Minister for Water Lisa Neville
“We want to ensure women have a seat at the table, and are part of the decision making for Victoria’s water security.”
“We’re unapologetic in our determination to promote inclusiveness and equality in our water sector, which is why it’s fantastic to see highly experienced and skilled women in senior roles.”
“These new appointments will bring fresh ideas to the water sector and ensure water boards reflect the community they serve.”
Port Phillip and Westernport CMA new appointees:
Tania Foster (Chair)
Leslie McLean
Olivia Lineham
Dr Sandra Brizga
Metro Water Corporation new appointees:
Tania Fryer – City West Water
Christopher Lovell – City West Water
Russell Anderson – Melbourne Water
Fiona Rowland – Melbourne Water
Arron Wood – South East Water
Karen Milward – Yarra Valley Water
Victoria Marles – Yarra Valley Water
Andrew Cairns (Chair) – Western Water
Claire Filson – Western Water
Isabelle Higgins – Western Water
Joanne Duncan – Western Water

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