Sunday, August 20, 2017

Community Safety Family Violence Misandry Feminism Vigilantism VIDEO Senator David Leyonhjelm Debunks Feminist In Hearing "There is no link between #genderequality and #familyviolence" and Victorian Government Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Media Release Aug 16th 2017 Toxic Crime Prevention Legitimised Bullying Profiling Insinuation Entrenched Prejudice Towards Masculinity Gender Specific Approach to Crime Rule of Law Due Process

There is no link between #genderequality and #familyviolence
Except that we turn a blind eye to #femaleperpetrators
Nasty women: Know them be them raise them
Hounding people who aren't doing anything wrong?
Dr Anne Summers said Tony Abbott saying he was going to shirtfront Vladimir Putin equalled #domesticviolence
Did he raise his voice or finger point too?
An ad on tv about a wife who gambled away the family savings focused on her and things being better at home now.
Better for who?
What legitimate expression of disappointment can a Man have?
Did he finger point or raise his voice?
Did he not really like to be around her?
Did he #mansplain or #manspread ?
The poor woman?
Will we #cyberbully single men living alone who vent frustration at unaccountable #femaleaggression
because this equals god knows what?
Just ask Dr Anne
Or will we profile males?
He's poor he's stressed therefore...
The sit-com Becker had Ted Danson saying to Police on the telephone "Why don't you arrest people before they commit a crime? Oh"
But now no wrongdoing equals wrongdoing
And in that case your’re always wrong
Finger pointing
Saying "shirtfront" about the Russian Leader equals domestic violence
and a gender specific approach to crime where we hound innocent men for "micro aggressions"
but politically correct perpetrators are aok

Pete Dowe

Helping Councils Stop Family Violence Before It Starts

The Andrews Labor Government’s efforts to prevent family violence will be presented today as part of a Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) showcase.
The projects being showcased are part of $345,000 in grants to 10 local governments through the Local Government’s Prevention of Violence Against Women program to tackle family violence at a community level.
The grants fund a range of innovative projects to prevent family violence and improve gender equality including:
  • a new e-learning module created by Port Phillip City Council to educate local government about the link between gender equality and family violence in Port Phillip, Bayside, Stonnington, Monash and Glen Eira
  • new guidelines designed by Whittlesea City Council to make community facilities more gender equitable
  • a short film created by Maroondah City Council showcasing the benefits of gender equality in sporting clubs in Maroondah, Knox and Yarra
  • a program by Frankston City Council to support new parents about gender roles and family expectations
  • a toolkit developed by Nillumbik Shire Council for encouraging gender equality in employment
The Municipal Association of Victoria is hosting a showcase today to share some of these innovative practices that are being led by local government to stop the negative attitudes and behaviours that drive violence.
These programs support the Labor Government’s ongoing investment and effort to help stop family violence before it starts across the state.
Quotes attributable to Acting Minister for Prevention of Family Violence Jill Hennessy
“Local government is on the front line of stopping family violence before it starts in our community – that’s why we’ve invested in these grants.”
“Each of these projects will help to promote gender equality and respect in our communities.”
Quotes attributable to Municipal Association of Victoria President Cr Mary Lailos
“Through their close relationships with their communities, Victorian councils are leading the way in promoting gender equality and preventing violence against women.”
“This diverse range of projects shows that with support, councils can drive the social change needed to achieve a society free of violence against women.”

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