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Community Safety Murder Muesli company boss charged over business partner death in Richmond, Melbourne Herald Sun July 27, 2017

"THE boss of a successful muesli company was charged with murder last night after his business partner of 18 years was found stabbed to death in her Richmond home."

#murder We are hurt by people we know tragically
Not by some guy "walking around" Richmond
Stranger danger is a crock #fearofcrime
Adrian Bayley shouldn't have got parole
Nor Sean Price bail
Parents kill/ sexually assault kids
Crime motivated by gender inequality?
Crime knows no gender

Pete Dowe

Muesli company boss charged over Richmond death

THE boss of a successful muesli company was charged with murder last night after his business partner of 18 years was found stabbed to death in her Richmond home.
Peter Pavlis, 75, appeared at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court last night charged with murder after the body of Jennifer Borchardt, 49, was found in a pool of blood in her house in Westbank Terrace at 4pm on Tuesday.
She had been stabbed multiple times.
Mr Pavlis was arrested after he turned up at the crime scene hours after Ms Borchardt’s body had been discovered by her boyfriend.

Police at the scene of the crime in Westbank Terrace. Picture: David Crosling

No details of the crime were revealed, but the court was told Mr Pavlis suffered from sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis.
He will reappear in the court today.
Investigators were yesterday at Mr Pavlis’ Richmond home, 2km from Ms Borchardt’s house.
Detectives are probing whether a business dispute between the two directors of The Muesli Company was behind the horrific death.
Ms Borchardt’s boyfriend found her body when he checked her house after having been unable to contact her.
Mr Pavlis has been a director of The Muesli Company for 21 years, while Ms Borchardt has been a director for 18.

Ms Borchardt was found stabbed to death in her house.

Detectives were seen knocking on doors in Westbank Terrace on Wednesday in a bid to find out if residents saw or heard anything suspicious on Tuesday afternoon.
A post-mortem examination took place on Wednesday.
Company records show Melbourne-born Ms Borchardt had been serving as co-director of The Muesli Company since December 1998.
Her Facebook page reveals a businesswoman dedicated to family and friends.
Only on Monday, Ms Borchardt returned from a Gold Coast getaway to see family, detailing her joy at taking part in a loved one’s birthday celebration.
She wrote last week: “LIVE everyday like it is your last LAUGH at every opportunity and LOVE every minute.”
Ms Borchardt was educated at the former Richmond High School, according to the page.
Calls and messages to The Muesli Company were unanswered on Wednesday.
Ms Borchardt held a 25 per cent stake in the business.
Brunswick-based P. & J. Pavlis Investments holds the remaining share.
The Muesli Company, which Mr Pavlis founded in 1984, expanded from a small food kitchen in Fitzroy to a state-of-the-art facility in Thomastown.
The company’s website states it takes pride in a “commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility” as a “true homegrown Australian brand, ready to take on the world”.

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