Thursday, March 16, 2017

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Unsafe helmet-less cycling has been put forward to boost cycling participation

A University of NSW study showed helmets reduced fatal head injuries by about 65 per cent."...before and after helmet laws, and we found there was no change in the number of people cycling," Dr Jake Olivier
774 ABC 22/9/16

The dogma of the goal to increase cycling participation is that it dictates we must have unsafe cycling or people won’t cycle.

Health and fitness is undermined where exercise is unsafe.

In fact Bicycle Network Victoria has blamed unsafe cycling on the increase in cycling participation and inadequate cycling infrastructure.

“To some extent we have become a victim of our own success. The huge increase in riding is outstripping the provision of decent facilities by the State Government and councils,”

Some women report feeling too intimidated to ride.

Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards
Herald Sun Feb 23rd 2016

"the fact infrastructure in Melbourne had not kept up with the huge increase in cycling numbers was a factor in tensions between cyclists and motorists."
Gary Brennan
Bicycle Network Victoria
Herald Sun February 13, 2013

Why then ought the Victorian Government seek to increase cycling participation without first providing adequate cycling infrastructure?

Pete Dowe

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