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Community Safety Gender Equality Politically Correct Misandry Feminism ‘Toxic masculinity’ is ruining men’s lives Corrine Barraclough Daily Telegraph January 27, 2017 "I HAVE to hold your hand" The Beatles?

"I HAVE to hold your hand" 

The Beatles?

Feminism succeeded by divide and rule. It split masculinity between progressive and so-called troglodyte males. 
Indeed until Prime Minister Gillard failed to make the misogyny charge stick on Tony Abbott it was almost impossible to make a legitimate criticism of feminism without being howled down as a misogynist 
and this intimidated men out of speaking and the gender politics debate was surrendered to a one-sided feminist view.

Also emotional blackmail-manipulation. Heterosexual guys feel good when they are protective of women. 

This protective urge has been manipulated by "crying poor" "always victim" feminists

Pete Dowe 

‘Toxic masculinity’ is ruining men’s lives

Every attribute once admired as masculine has morphed into being troubling and toxic.
Social commentator Bettina Arndt is set to speak at the Sydney Institute about The Red Pill, a documentary that feminists tried to have banned. (Pic: News Corp)
Next Tuesday, social commentator Bettina Arndt will speak to the Sydney Institute about The Red Pill, the documentary about men’s rights that feminists tried to ban.
Arndt will argue activists are right to be concerned as the movie reveals appalling behaviour from feminist protesters shutting down debate over men’s issues.
“The great irony is Australian feminists are similarly revealing themselves as self-appointed moral guardians determining what we’re allowed to discuss,” says Arndt. “The Red Pill exposes the issues we aren’t allowed to talk honestly about — like bias in family law, men’s suicide rates, and denial of women’s role in domestic violence.
“It’s crazy we have little boys in schools across Australia being forced to stand up in classrooms and renounce their violent habits while their female classmates look on in bewilderment.”
“Toxic masculinity” is the menacing brainchild of the troubling feminist religion which has infiltrated our schools, wrapped like a vine around our legal system, and succeeds in ruining men’s lives every day.
Haunted millennial males are taking dramatic measures to shake off their gender. Take 22-year-old UK university student, George Fellowes, who claims he has been getting his period without bleeding for three years.
Feminism isn’t about equality it’s about power. (Pic: John Tiedemann)
Last year, BBC Newsbeat reported Fellowes as saying: “I get pain in my lower abdomen and in the groin area. I get super moody, really erratic and angry with most of my friends... I’m not really one for a cry but during that time of the month I’m an emotional wreck. I do think men can have periods without bleeding.”
Gynaecologists told Newsbeat by definition he “can’t suffer premenstrual syndrome as it is not hormonally mediated.”
Meanwhile, guidelines at two esteemed US divinity schools have recommended use of gender inclusive language for God. Vanderbilt and Duke Universities have stressed God isn’t to be referred to with a gendered name.
A policy document at Vanderbilt Divinity states: “masculine titles, pronouns, and imagery for God have served as a cornerstone for the patriarchy.”
Do we really need to be debating God’s gender? Is it ever acceptable for a powerful figure to be male? Feminism isn’t about equality it’s about power.

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