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Community Safety CCTV Brunswick, Moreland, Melbourne Fears CCTV cameras installed after Jill Meagher’s death may be switched off in 2019 Herald Sun December 8, 2016 and Comment by Pete Dowe

Many people say CCTV is no good because it is not preventative and therefore only useful after the event.

This is not the point.

A vital part of Community Safety is to punish perpetrators

CCTV may provide vital circumstantial evidence, as it did with Adrian Bayley, or evidence of the offence itself.

PS To the civil libertarians, if you're really serious about invasion of privacy why don't you do something about illegal smartphone usage in order to cyberbully?

Pete Dowe


Jill Meagher was murdered by Adrian Bayley as she walked home through Brunswick.
Jill Meagher was murdered by Adrian Bayley as she walked home through Brunswick.

Fears CCTV cameras installed after Jill Meagher’s death may be switched off in 2019

THE parents of Jill Meagher are horrified that a local council may consider turning off security cameras in the area where she was murdered.
“We are extremely disappointed and horrified that a decision that had already been made (to install the cameras) and which gave us some comfort is now potentially going to be reversed,” they said.
Greens-dominated Moreland council has voted to review how much is being spent on the CCTV cameras located in Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

CCTV footage was a crucial factor in bringing Bayley to justice.
A heated council meeting this week debated whether the five-year camera trial, largely funded by the State Government, should continue.
While Moreland issued a statement late Thursday insisting the cameras would be kept until 2019, there is no ­certainty they will operate beyond that.
The decision to review maintenance costs was made, despite a council report saying that local police supported the cameras as an effective anti-crime tool.
Moreland was strongly criticised after a long delay in installing the nine cameras after the brutal murder of Ms Meagher in Brunswick in 2012.
Footage from other existing cameras on Sydney Rd played a key role in the arrest of her killer, Adrian Bayley.

Moreland Council's twitter page and tweet about CCTV cameras

Jill Meagher CCTV
Ms Meagher’s parents, George and Edith McKeon, on Thursday expressed their strong concern that Moreland may ditch the cameras later.
Mr McKeon, who recently suffered a fifth stroke, said it was ridiculous that authorities had invested up to $500,000 on the cameras but that they could be scrapped depending on the council’s review.
“My daughter has gone, I’ve lost my daughter, but this is now about protecting other families from what we are going through,” he said.
The McKeons, who live in Perth, relayed their statement through Moreland councillor Oscar Yildiz, who voted against the move to review the CCTV maintenance costs. Cr Yildiz said the council resolution could have the effect of stripping the $10,000 annual funding from the cameras from 2017-18 — a claim denied by the council hierarchy.
State Opposition community safety spokesman Edward O’Donohue said CCTV helped to deter crime and Moreland had to accept its responsibility for community safety and continue the trial.
Moreland mayor Helen Davidson, an independent, joined councillors including four Greens and a Socialist Alliance member to vote for the review. “It is not true that any maintenance funding has been cut from the CCTV trial,” she said.
Cr Davidson said the report to council noted police support for CCTV but it also said it was hard to measure the extent to which cameras drove perceptions of community safety.
“Council is now going to look in detail at the amount of money being spent,” she said.

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