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Community Safety Gender Equality Feminism or victimism? Bashing men is not the answer Corrine Barraclough, The Daily Telegraph August 3, 2016 and Comment by Pete Dowe "Misandrist culture of entrenched prejudice towards masculinity defined by women who don't value nor understand males" " Feminism depends on/ has relied upon/ masculine support Weak-minded masculinity has done society a disservice"

Reason and fact are distinctly absent
So is due process
We do however have emotion as fact assumption as knowledge and rumour as information
And the emotional blackmail mantra of always victim always vulnerable always ripped off
Negative energy is apparently renewable and healthy?
And toxic feminism its infinite source
I couldabeenachampionette but I was held back because I don't have a wife ?


Re  "Pets get government funding in domestic disputes. Men? No." 
We believe in cruelty towards animals, that pets are sentient beings. 
But we don't believe in emotional cruelty towards Males. 
Feminism has defined males as having no feelings, or the "wrong" emotions.
You cannot be emotionally violent to a gender that has "no feelings"
How convenient for female perpetrators
That I need to assert that Human Males are sentient beings is evidence of our Misandrist culture of entrenched prejudice towards masculinity defined by women who don't value nor understand males 

"Don't hang on to what you've got. Give it to a woman and she'll appreciate it and see you as one of the 'good guys"
Those duped by this so-called progressive guilt-trip can now see the "appreciation" in the arrogant misandrist sense of entitlement
Feminism depends on/ has relied upon/ masculine support

Weak-minded masculinity has done society a disservice

Pete Dowe


Corrine Barraclough / Supplied
Corrine Barraclough / Supplied

Feminism or victimism? Bashing men is not the answer

A GREEDY empire has been built on enforcing the fictitious notion that men are evil perpetrators and women are innocent victims. It’s lazy, immoral, incorrect and unacceptable.
Some victims are victims entirely by circumstance — wrong time, awful ending.
However, damaging third-wave feminism has now saddled Australian society with the prevalence of victim mentality. This weak culture of blame has stripped men of their human rights and disempowered women.
It has fuelled learned helplessness as a habitual way of life. Wailing feminism is running a Centrelink of disempowerment, barring unbiased reason and fact. Opting to forgo personal responsibility and negating any ability to make educated informed personal choices is the ultimate in weakness. Real women don’t want to be weak — fierce feminists have become the real oppressors of women through enforcing their victim status.
Being a victim should neither be a lifestyle choice, nor basis for public policy. The myth that men are evil perpetrators and women are innocent victims is the weeping elephant in the room, blocking productive progress.
Why does this laborious, twisted notion persist? Money. Feminism is the scrounger that can’t get its thieving hands on precious power and delicious dollars fast enough. It profits from the weeping elephant while making no viable contribution, such as finding evidence-based solutions for domestic violence, as championed by Erin Pizzey.

Damaging third-wave feminism has stripped men of their human rights and disempowered women.

“It’s far less clear-cut than the ideologues like to pretend, with their neat division between female victims and male oppressors,” Pizzey, an outstanding women’s rights advocate who opened the first women’s refuge in the UK in 1971, tells me.
Her own experience and research shows women can be just as violent as men: “The truth is, much of the ­violence takes place in tortured relationships, often involving drink and drugs, where both partners are guilty of verbal and physical assault. But feminists make too much money to let the truth be heard. They are invested in keeping women as victims.”
Every moment you are reading this feminism is cashing in on domestic violence. Pizzey asserts “gendered domestic violence is a fraudulent claim” — but feminists close their ears. After all, why would they want to remove the weeping elephant, devour insightful research and actively pursue progress when they’re so comfortably wedded to the blame game and blissfully bewitched by victimhood? They have a simplistic equation that lines their pockets and strokes their egos.
Feminists are trying to hijack legislation for online safety claiming “The internet should be safe for women.”
Come on, there’s no “online culture of hatred for women”.
When Clementine Ford tweets “Kill all men” she hopes men will respond so she can wave the victim card. We saw Van Badham play victim on Q & A beautifully. Bad men. Except, I’ve only had threats from women.

‘Kill all men’ ... feminist Clementine Ford.

Happiness simply doesn’t thrive online. Are feminists too feeble to block? Real women aren’t, and we’re tired of this transparent blame game. We love our men, marry them, curl up with them at night, giggle with them and have their children. Equally, women adore their sons and want to protect them from the heavy tar smeared on them at birth. Compassion is our ruler, not hatred.
Feminism is now about middle class privilege for middle-class women, the destruction of traditional marriage and a tiresome obsession with the fantasy of victimhood.
Australia is a secular country. We will not bow at the feet of oppressive feminism any more than any other set of beliefs. Why is it governing us?
Unfortunately for the blinkered antagonists of gender division, the rational, calm and peaceful among us know masculinity is no more problematic than femininity. Neither is it as problematic as feminism.
Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. We don’t have to scrap over statistics to know there are male victims. Why are they being discriminated against? Why is government funding being cascaded into violence against women, ignoring equality? Why are advisory panels packed with blinkered people who incorrectly see DV as a simple gendered issue rather than having inquiring minds?
Why do we have a Minister for Women who also oversees Prevention of Family Violence? On this minister’s Twitter feed you’ll see a picture of a witch tweeted to Van Badham captioned: “Some days you just have to put on the hat to remind them who they are dealing with.” Imagine the feminist outrage if the word “witch” was switched for “hysterical” on a TV discussion panel.
Counselling services across Australia have advised they’re “not funded to support male victims of family violence”. No DV shelters will take a father and his children. Pets get government funding in domestic disputes. Men? No. Outside fierce feminist fantasyland most women don’t want to embrace this sickly obsession with “victimhood”. It’s as far from empowering as male-perpetrated DV is from fact. Feminists: Get back to work, you bludgers. Swap blame for solutions, victimhood has lined your pockets long enough.

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