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My concern with using Facebook/ Social Media for issues such as this is the potential for criminal cyberbullying as in the Knox Leader story. 

People must not recklessly use a carriage service nor telecommunications device.

Many people cannot tell the difference between a photo put online by a cyberbully and a photo put online by Victoria Police.

Pete Dowe

Cyberbullying Law

"Under Commonwealth law it is an offence to “use a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence, or for the purposes of a threat”. 
It is also an offence to “knowingly or recklessly use a telecommunications service in such a way as would be regarded by reasonable persons being, in all the circumstances, offensive”

Penalty Max. 3 years Imprisonment

"A #victoriapolice spokesman said a person found guilty of revenge-porn type posts faced up to
10 years in jail." 

SMH 19/4/16

What does cyberbullying look like?
         Being sent mean or hurtful text messages from someone you know or even someone you don’t know
         Getting nasty, threatening or hurtful messages through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, or through sites where people can ask / answer questions like Formspring or Internet forums
         People sending photos and videos of you to others to try and embarrass or hurt you
         People spreading rumours about you via emails or social networking sites or text messages
         People trying to stop you from communicating with others
         People stealing your passwords or getting into your accounts and changing the information there
         People setting up fake profiles pretending to be you, or posting messages or status updates from your accounts

ReachOut Australian Human Rights Commission

"According to contemporary feminism, the choice religion among female college students, men can't do anything right. They manspread, they mansplain, they are all potentially violent, and they suffer from the incurable ailment of toxic, yet fragile, masculinity."

"First, to borrow an imperative from safe-space culture, feminists must assume good-intentions from men. The world will never be a safe space for men if feminists fail to uphold safe space guidelines with interacting with them. Failing to assume good intentions leads to an environment where male bashing becomes a competitive sport."

"As Ashe Schow, writer for the Washington Examiner wrote, "At some point, very recently, due process ceased to be a liberal cause celebre and instead became viewed as an impediment to social justice - at least when the accusation is of rape."
Feminists can still support rape-victims while supporting due process. The two are not mutually exclusive."

Jul 22, 2016

A pregnant woman has taken to Facebook to complain about being stalked at Westfield Southland.
A pregnant woman has taken to Facebook to complain about being stalked at Westfield Southland.

Woman’s post about being stalked at Westfield Southland prompts similar reports

A PREGNANT woman’s social media post about being stalked at Westfield Southland has prompted other women to come forward with similar tales.
Jennifer Price, 25, took to Facebook yesterday to recount her experience. She said the man, in his 30s, approached her in Target as she was browsing through baby merchandise at about 4pm.
She said the man was staring at her from a few metres away for about 30 minutes as she shopped.
“Suddenly, out of the next aisle I was in he came out and approached me very closely and said ‘excuse me’ leaning in closely,” she said.
“I asked for more staff to come as at this point I was so scared because of his demeanour; it was really scary and deviant,” she said.
HAVE YOUR SAY: Have you felt unsafe while shopping? Tell us below
The post has prompted reports of similar incidents.
“OMG (sic) this guy approached me in Big W in Southland in February when I was pregnant.” one woman wrote.
“He cornered me in a quiet aisle and was kissing my stomach and asking me to take photos of it until I pretty much bold (sic) him over to get away. I felt extremely violated.”
Another woman said the description was similar to a man who followed her and her son.
“He grabbed my son at one point said he was just making sure he didn’t run off.”
Ms Price told Leader she asked a male staff member to escort her out of the store, fearing what would happen if she was left on her own.

A number of women have complained about being stalked at Westfield Southland.

“I felt so unsafe, really targeted and concerned for what might happen if I wasn’t with anyone else.” 
She said a Target staff member told her the man had previously asked to “touch women’s bellies” in the store.
Ms Price said the man was wearing fluorescent “trade work wear” and a black beanie at the time of the incident.
She has reported it to police.
She said he had blue or green eyes, had a slim build and was about 170cm tall.
Victoria Police spokeswoman Leonie Johnson said police received a report on Thursday of an incident at the centre.
“Investigators have been told an unknown man was staring at a woman at a shopping centre on the Nepean Highway about 4pm.
“It is believed he did not approach the woman however did say ‘excuse me’ to her.”
Police have been told security staff spoke to the man and he left the store without further incident.
Westfield Southland has been contacted for comment.

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