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Community Safety Gender Equality Cricketer Chris Gayle‘s a fool but he makes me laugh Sunday Herald Sun May 29, 2016 Much More Important Issues

AGREE Ms Coster  there are bigger battles to fight than "a caveman making coarse comments"
or a guy sitting with his legs apart taking up "too much space", 

and the "background noise" or "mental traffic" over distractions like this 

take the focus away from from University #campusrape, Death threats by ex partners 

Pete Dowe

Cricketer Chris Gayle‘s a fool but he makes me laugh

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Chris Gayle has made more lewd and crude remarks.
BEING a bad feminist is keeping me awake at night. I should be spouting vitriol after hearing West Indies batsman Chris Gayle is at it again. I don’t care that he says he’s had sex with more than 650 women and that he “bowls fast at night”.
​The cricketer has sparked outrage, telling a female journalist he’s got “a very, very big bat, the biggest in the world”. He added: “You think you could lift it? You’d need two hands.”
I know I should be huffing and puffing at his latest lewd and crude remarks. But I’m not. I chuckled and moved on. It’s the same with Sam Newman. The Fossil, as he’s known, is from another era, hence the nickname.
His blokey antics make news, which is probably why he does it. When he “accidentally” makes a silly barb, or flashes his shrivelled tackle on TV leaving many furious, I find myself — shock, horror — having a giggle.
I am a mess of contradictions. I tut-tutted when Billy Brownless tried to explain right from wrong on The Footy Show, saying: “You don’t touch another man’s wallet, you don’t touch his wife.”
Then there is the guilty pleasure of watching awful reality shows like The Bachelor, in which scantily clad women are shown as meat. Grid girls at the GP? No worries. Models sashaying down a catwalk in Victoria’s Secret lingerie? No probs. ​
I don’t care about thigh gaps, but I get mad as hell about gender pay gaps. I feel passionate about women’s right to abortion. I am appalled by violence against women. I hate that ambitious women in the workplace are deemed b-----s, while abrasive men are given a badge of honour.
But I can’t imagine anything worse than “freeing my nipple”​ on the internet. Nor do I want to shout out in the name of “awareness”. Last month, a​​ feminist campaign used the hashtag #shoutyourstatus to destigmatise sexually transmitted diseases and “take back the STI-shaming narrative”. Good grief.
While there is no shame in an STD, although I imagine it’s not pleasant, why do others need to know? Isn’t it just too much information? My lack of fervour in some areas and blood-boiling rage in others is confusing. Maybe there are bigger battles to fight than a caveman making coarse comments.
I know in my heart that sexist behaviour and rude remarks should not be tolerated. But then I chuckle about grinning Chris Gayle and his bats and balls.

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