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Community Safety Gender Equality Nick Riewoldt disrespected St Kilda’s most loyal fans by refusing to take selfies after a game Herald Sun May 26th 2016 "Much More Important Feminist Issues" Pete Dowe

Don't agree with you on this one Susie. Sounds like a feminazi pulling rank.

Call out the ‪#‎feminazi‬ shock troops? 

In that case sack Nick Riewoldt! 

Much more important issues such as University ‪#‎campusrape‬

Pete Dowe


Nick Riewoldt disrespected St Kilda’s most loyal fans by refusing to take selfies after a game

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Nick Riewoldt let his club and the fans down when he yelled at a St Kilda staff member who asked him to talk selfies with supporters after a game. Picture: Michael Dodge/Getty
ST KILDA captain Nick Riewoldt no doubt had good intentions when he demanded his players leave the ground after last weekend’s game.
But it wasn’t a good look for him to order them to “get the f--- off the ground”.
The team had just won by a thumping 46 points, but it seems Riewoldt was keen to get the boys off the field so he could review the game.
However, in doing so he undermined his club’s marketing and operations manager Kelley Musster, whose job it was to ensure the players stayed on the field and pose for selfies with fans.

Rita v Susie: Was Nick Riewoldt wrong?

Tim Membrey and Paddy McCartin celebrate the win with a fan. Picture: Michael Dodge/Getty
These days, the on-field performance is just one part of the duties expected of senior AFL players.
Almost as important are off-field tasks, such as doing charity work, reaching out to fans, being community mentors and meeting commitments with advertisers.
This involves seemingly trivial matters such as posing with fans for selfies after games.
And there is a definitely an expectation that senior players act at all times with respect towards their peers and fellow staff members.
At the end of the day, Riewoldt is just a staff member at the club – the same as anyone else. So the same standards of good conduct should apply.
Sam Gilbert and Jack Billings celebrate the win with fans by taking selfies. Picture: Michael Dodge/Getty
Musster was just doing the job she was paid to do. Nothing more, nothing less, and Reiwoldt should have had more respect for her position.
It did make matters worse that Musster is a female; it’s not a good look for the club captain to be treating anyone – let alone a more junior woman – in this way.
Last night the club was keen to put a positive spin on things, insisting that Riewoldt was merely “acting out of a desire to drive high standards”.
Well, his own behaviour didn’t meet these high standards.
Ultimately, fans make the club what it is. Riewoldt let Musster down, but he also showed disrespect for the most loyal fans.
Without these people turning up week after week to support their team, there wouldn’t be a St Kilda Football Club.


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