Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Community Safety VIDEO National Security Campaign – 30 second television advertisement Why I don't like the National Security Campaign Comment by Pete Dowe Hypervigilance Fear of Crime Panic Merchantry "So a woman can invite herself to have a "nose" at your laptop, your phone, on the grounds of national security?" "Citizens have a social and civic responsibility to be genuine, reasonable.and respectful." Pete Dowe

So a woman can invite herself to have a "nose" at your laptop, your phone,
on the grounds of national security?

How convenient for a busybody.

The uncertain times are certainly suiting her"

Pete Dowe

#nationalsecurity Deputy #VictoriaPolice Commissioner Shane Patton said 

authorities were “continually monitoring persons of interest”.

One of the things that annoys me about the NSC ads is that national security is a matter for the authorities yet the #nationalsecuritycampaign encourages people with nothing better to do 
to be informants/ busybodies and legitimises such behaviour. 

To be the self-appointed “good people” concerned about what other people might be doing.

Fear of Crime is also unfortunately exploited for political purposes ala

'the uncertain times will suit me' 

but fear of crime is also a community safety problem.

Panic merchants need a climate of high-fear to get your attention

And fears exploited lead to hyper-vigilance and misinterpretation or seeing things that may well not be there. 

Fear of crime makes rumours resonate

Rumour spread is also wrong and is often covert and/or cyber bullying

Social exclusion has been demonstrated to be the worst form of bullying [92]. In extreme forms it has been linked to suicide [206]. 

Edith Cowan University May, 2009

Cyberbullying Law "Under Commonwealth law it is an offence to “use a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence, or for the purposes of a threat”. 13 It is also an offence to “knowingly or recklessly use a telecommunications service in such a way as would be regarded by reasonable persons being, in all the circumstances, offensive” Penalty Max. 3 years Imprisonment

The premise which enables the spreading of rumours is the assumption that the victim "musta done somethin" that those who spread rumours would not spread rumours unless the victim "musta done somethin" 

How convenient for a Rumour Spreader

And the gender-specific approach to crime has created the assumption of "the bad man"

Complaints/ Reports/ Rumours are nothing to be spurious/ false or frivolous about. 

These things must must be made clear to citizens by the authorities

We act in the interest of the community, the nation, by being reasonable, respectful, responsible and genuine, not by pointing the finger

Pete Dowe

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