Yet another college has been exposed for its shocking culture of sexual harassment.
Yet another college has been exposed for its shocking culture of sexual harassment. Photo: Tamara Voninski
Yet another university college has been exposed for harbouring a shocking culture of sexual harassment, with revelations a journal distributed widely to students dedicates a double page spread solely to slut shaming. 
The Wesley College journal is an annual glossy publication funded by students of the college, part of the University of Sydney. It includes write-ups about the college residents and the events of the year, similar to a highschool yearbook - but with added sleaze.
Among its pages is a section called 'The Rackweb', dedicated solely to documenting alleged college hook-ups and slut-shaming the female students it claims are the most promiscuous.
How The Rackweb appears in print.
How The Rackweb appears in print. Photo: Aparna Balakumar
According to University of Sydney Union website The Pulp, the title of "Mrs RackWeb" is handed to the female student the journal's producers claim has slept with the most men. 
'The Rackweb' isn't the only section of the journal that engages in sexual harassment of female students.
Another section names students under "awards" for 'Best Ass', 'Best Cleavage', 'Biggest Pornstar' and 'Kinkiest Collegian' - among others.
Under another section that appears to be a glossary of terms for new students describes a "fresher" as a drunk student "whose only redeeming assets include their enthusiasm, obedience, and steadfast determination to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and willingness to put out for their seniors".
The 'sexism' entry of the same section reads: "We might be sexist, but you bitches and hoes should know we're trying to correct this."
A number of anonymous female students told The Pulp's Aparna Balakumar that the journal had caused them serious distress. 
"It's just slander handed to everyone on a platter and students voluntarily, let alone gladly, accept it," one girl said. "People just don't understand. They think I'm exaggerating and my disenchantment has no substance. But it's worse than people could ever imagine."
Although the journal is not an official Wesley College publication, it is produced by the Students' Club - which undergraduate students fund through a compulsory membership fee.