Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cycling Safety Cycling Safely Victoria's Cycling Strategy VIDEO Beach Road Bunch Cycling Inadequate Cycling Infrastructure One accident too many... Beach Road Mayhem You Tube Murray Thompson MP Victorian State MP for Sandringham Bicycle Network Victoria blames unsafe cycling behaviour problem on increased cycling participation and inadequate cycling infrastructure “Cyclists are much more likely to Die from Bicycle Alone Accidents/ Bike Falls and Riding on the Footpath onto the Road or Crossing than Dooring” Pete Dowe Cycling Deaths Fatalities Risk Reduction Informed Choice Inadequate Cycling Infrastructure Victoria's Cycling Strategy Focus on Increasing/ Encouraging Cycling Participation may be Negligent“ Cyclists who break the Law are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured” Bicycle Network Victoria "Young people are being killed riding off the footpath onto the road" Bicycle Network Victoria Ride2School Ride2Work

Four Cyclists on Wrong Side of Road

Beach Road Weekend Mornings No Stopping Zone Weekly Hell Ride
Bayside, Melbourne 7.04AM Jan 28th 2012 

Still Photo from Video by Pete Dowe

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