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Community Safety Cyber Bullying Cyber bullies: back off The Advocate Tasmania Australia Feb 17th 2016 "...I hope society wakes up to the impact of cyber bullying, before it's too late." Camron Slessor Vigilantism Hyper-Vigilantism Defamation Putting out the Bad Word Rumour Spread Social Contagion Crime Stoppers Dob in a Cyberbully CyberbullieSS


"...I hope society wakes up to the impact of cyber bullying, before it's too late."

 Camron Slessor

Agree! No one else's business but Gazza Billy Family and Friends.
Putting someone else down to feel better is as effective as smoking for relaxation

Pete Dowe 

Cyber bullies: back off

TELEVISION personality Charlotte Dawson was found dead in her Sydney apartment in 2014 following a torrent of online abuse including from one troll who urged her to hang herself.
That should have been enough to wake up our society.
In the wake of the feud between AFL media personalities Garry Lyon and Bill Brownless, social media has struck again.
I am not going to delve into the current situation between Lyon and Brownless as I don't know the facts, and because of that, not for one second will I attempt to understand the situation.
I don't believe anyone should have the privilege to comment so brutally and publicly on the topic, not knowing a single fact, other than what they have read in the media. So Lyon had an affair with his mate's ex-wife.
Once the affair was made public, it was announced that Lyon has been battling a mental illness.
Cue the backlash.
Directly following the announcement, Lyon was attacked on almost every post about the story on social media in the days following.
While there were also many wishing him well, many called him by derogatory names for using a mental illness to soften the blow from his affair.
Whether or not Lyon is battling a mental illness, keyboard warriors personally attacking him certainly does more harm than good.
Why is it taking so long for our society to understand that cyber bullying has more power than we currently comprehend?
For all we know, Lyon could have been battling an illness for years.
What if he woke up one morning this week and read some of the comments about him? What if he committed self-harm? Would society wake up then?
I'm sure some of these keyboard warriors who tore him to shreds would be the ones to then do a full 360 and comment on how much they loved him.
The public battle of Geelong star Mitch Clark has also spiked this week when he shared an image sent to him with a noose drawn around his neck.
His battle with depression was made public more than two years ago and he is still being confronted with these kinds of images.
These two issues in the face of the public show just how far away our society is from accepting depression as a real illness.
While I don't pretend to know what these men are going through, or any man or woman with a mental illness, I choose not to shame them using a platform that is far too easy to abuse. As a fan of The Footy Show, I hope both Lyon and Brownless can patch up their feud, but more importantly, I hope society wakes up to the impact of cyber bullying, before it's too late.

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