Cyclists hospitalised after horrific race crash

Several female cyclists suffered injuries when they collided during the 2015 Tour of the Goldfields in central Victoria on Saturday.
Four elite cyclists were hospitalised after a massive crash in central Victoria, in what was a shocking end to the women's National Road Series season.

The crash involving dozens of riders took out top Australian cyclist Janelle Crooks, 21, who just returned from racing in Europe. She was treated in hospital for concussion and received stitches to the back of her head.

Bikebug Nextgen rider Sarah Knights, 30, suffered a broken collarbone and received stitches to her knee after the pile up at the 2015 Tour of the Goldifelds on Saturday in Burrumbeet, west of Ballarat.
Sarah Knights in hospital. Sarah Knights in hospital.

She said a group of 60 riders were doing more than 50 kilometres an hour when there was a collision between two cyclists that caused a "ricochet effect".

The crash happened about 200 metres from the end, just before the sprint finish, in the 58 kilometre race.

"I was lying on the ground screaming for someone to help me because I couldn't move from this awkward angle and I was in so much pain from my shoulder," Ms Knights said. "I couldn't feel my left leg and had a possible concussion."

Ms Knights can be heard yelling in a video of the crash.

"I've been riding for six years and it's the worst crash I've had."

Many riders received treatment at the scene for cuts and bruises, while some could not finish the race, which happened at the final tour of the series.
Cyclists crash in national women's race near Ballarat. Picture: Facebook Cyclists crash in national women's race near Ballarat. Picture: Facebook