Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Community Safety Public Transport PSO's Trains Homesafe Push for PSOs on trains in Mentone, Mordialloc, Carrum during late-night trial Herald Sun Oct 14th 2015 Cyber Bulling Hyper Vigilantism

Off the cuff I'd say definitely Weekend nights/early morn and when ‪#‎homesafe‬ 24hour weekend PT comes in.
Protective Services Officer's are well-intentioned brave Men and Women serving to protect us
It is also important for PSO's to be mindful that they can inadvertently intimidate
members of the public.
Aaah another thought, I would definitely prefer PSO's on the Trains
to ‪#‎cyberbullying‬ hyper-vigilantes
and perhaps PSO's might be able to address cyberbullying by ‪#‎vigilantes‬

Pete Dowe

Push for PSOs on trains in Mentone, Mordialloc, Carrum during late-night trial

October 14, 2015 12:00am

Seaford station will miss out on permanent PSOs during the late-night public transport trial. Picture: Jason Sammon.
A PUBLIC transport safety advocate is calling for protective service officers to be rostered on trains during the government’s 24-hour weekend public transport trial due to start next year.
Wade Ransby, of the Chelsea and Bonbeach Train Station Group, said PSOs could be put to better use aboard the hourly trains from Flinders Street to Frankston, during the trial.
“It might make sense to have the PSOs on the train with access to the train’s emergency intercom,” he said.
“That way the PSOs could have a constant presence rather than waiting at train stations.”
Under the 24-hour weekend trial, PSOs will be deployed to Mentone, Mordialloc and Carrum stations, but the government is yet to confirm their shift times.
But Seaford, Parkdale, Bonbeach, Aspendale and Chelsea stations will all miss out on permanent PSOs during the late-night trial.
HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you want to see protective service officers on-board trains? Tell us in the comment section below.
Victoria Police will employ 109 more PSOs during the trial with a further 62 transit police to patrol the entire train network in divisional vans.
“The transit police should follow each train closely to show a presence as trains move down the line,” Mr Ransby said.
He said he felt safer at Chelsea and Bonbeach stations due to the presence of PSOs at night.
Public Transport minister Jacinta Allan said Victoria Police would continually assess situations during the trial and redeploy resources where needed.
“Seaford and Chelsea stations, like all stations on the metropolitan network, have CCTV coverage and an emergency assistance button for safety,” she said.
During the trial trains will depart from Flinders Street station every 60 minutes on the Frankston and Dandenong lines.
Buses will also run on 20 routes across the network from train stations and night-time hubs in Frankston.
“People who live in the outer suburbs and regional areas shouldn’t have to miss out on Melbourne’s vibrant night life,” Ms Allan said.
South Eastern Metropolitan Region MP Inga Peulich said the trial was a “compromised concept” and called for PSOs to pay closer attention to passengers at non-premium stations.

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