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”The bicycle patrol unit will be made up of three police members and will be the first of its kind to operate in the Bayside area in over five years,’’ Sen-Sgt Dalton said.
“There’s a real need to step up patrols and targeted activities over the summer months given more people will be out and about on their bikes.’’
He said Beach Rd is one of the busiest cycling roads in Victoria and is a common area for collisions.
“The two most common causes of these accidents are the failure to give way and rear-end collisions,’’ he said.

Bayside Police set up biking bobbies unit to catch cycling criminals on Beach Rd

October 14, 2014 4:39pm

Bayside police, including constables Metti Rakib and Jamey Wyatt, will be keeping an eye on cyclists, including those on Beach Rd. Picture: Chris Eastman
BAYSIDE Police will soon start to peddle their crime-fighting capabilities, with a new bike patrol group being set up to catch riding rogues.
The unit will patrol the route of the infamous Hell Ride, Beach Rd, and across Bayside and Glen Eira, not only catching cycling crims along the foreshore but also advising riders about on-road behaviour.
There will also be a Safe Cycling day held this Saturday featuring police vehicle displays and special guests including former Olympic champion Kathy Watt.
Sen-Sgt James Dalton said the unit is designed to not only engage and educate cyclists about safe cycling behaviours but also to assist with responding to criminal or public order issues in the Beach Rd area.

“Our area hosts one of the largest cycling communities in Australia.
“With this in mind we need to remember that all road users — including cyclists — need to work together to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities and make our roads safe.’’
The Safe Cycling Day Event will run from 8-11am on Saturday, October 25, at Bayside Police Station, 25 Abbott St, Sandringham.

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