CCTV: murder trio walk into pub after dumping body

Robyn Lindholm, Torsten Travert and John Ryan walk into the Empire State Hotel in Inglewood after dumping the body of Wayne Amey.
"Femme fatale" stripper Robyn Lindholm  hatched a plan to murder a former lover after abusing alcohol and the drug ice for a week, a court has heard.
Defence barrister John Kelly told the Supreme Court on Wednesday that Lindholm, 42, who is the prime suspect in the disappearance and suspected murder of a second former boyfriend, was homeless and had not slept for five days when she recruited two men to attack and kill Hawthorn gym owner Wayne Amey.
Robyn Lindholm at the Supreme Court for a pre-sentence hearing on Wednesday. Robyn Lindholm at the Supreme Court for a pre-sentence hearing on Wednesday. Photo: Pat Scala
Mr Kelly claimed Lindholm had wanted to marry Mr Amey and have children but their relationship eventually fell apart, although they would still occasionally hook up for casual sex.
The defence barrister claimed Mr Amey promised Lindholm that he would retire when he turned 50 and they would live on their farm at Bittern in Melbourne's south-east, but this never eventuated and the couple separated in early 2010.
Mr Kelly said when Mr Amey found out Lindholm was single again later that year after she had ended a brief affair with another man, the popular gym owner went to Bittern, asked Lindholm to marry him and agreed to have an operation to reverse his vasectomy.
Robyn Lindholm. Robyn Lindholm. Photo: Simon O'Dwyer
Hoping to fall pregnant, Lindholm stopped taking the pill but the couple soon began drifting apart again and the relationship ended in September 2011, but they continued to meet for sex.
Mr Amey took out an intervention order against Lindholm and her new boyfriend in December 2012, meaning she was banned from staying at Bittern and was forced to live with her parents or sleep in her car.
Mr Kelly said Lindholm had lost everything, and she blamed Mr Amey for her situation.
John Ryan. John Ryan. Photo: Justin McManus
Mr Amey's son, Pat, told the court his father had been a loving, caring parent who had suffered a slow, painful, traumatic death at a time when he must have been scared, lonely, helpless and in severe pain. Pat said he was haunted by thoughts of his father's horrific death.
Lindholm, who had links to the Hells Angels bikie gang, had been due to stand trial for Mr Amey's murder with her two co-accused, Torsten Trabert and John Ryan, before pleading guilty at the last minute.
Trabert and Ryan were found guilty in June after a 16-day trial of murdering Mr Amey at Lindholm's urging because she wanted him dead to keep the Bittern farm.
Torsten Trabert. Torsten Trabert. Photo: Justin McManus
Trabert was having a torrid affair with Lindholm at the time when he agreed to kill Mr Amey for her, while the Crown case against Ryan was that he was infatuated with her and would do anything for her.
Chief Crown prosecutor Gavin Silbert, QC, described Lindholm as a "femme fatale" who believed she could achieve whatever she wanted through her boyfriends.
When two of her boyfriends refused to kill Mr Amey, she turned to Trabert and Ryan.
Trabert and Ryan blamed each other for murdering Mr Amey, 54, who was attacked in his Hawthorn apartment block's underground car park just after 11.30pm on December 10, 2013, placed in the boot of a car and driven away.
Mr Amey's body was found wedged between boulders on Mount Korong, central Victoria, on December 18. He had suffered four stab wounds to the chest, fractured ribs, multiple lacerations to the head and been choked with a rope.
Mr Amey had met Lindholm at a businessmen's lunch in 2005 when she was performing as a stripper under her professional name, Collette.
Lindholm had been involved with a standover man named George Teazis, also known as Templeton, at the time before he disappeared on May 2, 2005. She remains the prime suspect in Mr Teazis' suspected murder.
Another former boyfriend of Lindholm's was the infamous Melbourne underworld figure Alphonse Gangitano, aka "the black prince of Lygon Street", who was murdered in 1998.
After her arrest for Mr Amey's murder, Lindholm told police Mr Amey "always wanted to have sex with me, regardless".
"Whenever he got drunk or smashed he used to call me and that was right up until not long ago," she said.
Justice Lex Lasry will sentence Lindholm, Trabert and Ryan at a later date.