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The Health and Fitness objective of Cycling is undermined if the means of exercise is Unsafe!

Bike falls may be fatal. It would be Negligent of Government to repeal the bicycle helmet laws as Government has a duty of care to cyclist citizens. 

The Health and Fitness objective of cycling is undermined if the means of exercise is unsafe! To oppose the bike helmet law is absolute irresponsible nonsense. 
3 doctors one of which is a dentist!

Bike falls are very common. According to Bicycle Victoria 80% of cyclists' hospitalisations are for bicycle alone accidents or single vehicle crashes: bike falls. 

The ridiculous and, I believe, negligent focus on cycling participation rather than safe cycling is taken to the extreme by arguing that a fundamental road safety/ risk reduction measure such as bike helmets is a disincentive to cycling participation, apparently because wearing a helmet is supposedly too onerous a requirement? 

Much better apparently to have negligent, unsafe, life-threatening cycling participation or 

"any kind of cycling more often?" 

Pete Dowe

Bike helmet laws ‘discourage adults from riding for fitness’
Doctors have urged parliament to dismantle laws requiring cyclists to wear helmets, saying the safety measure is dissuading unfit Australians from riding their bicycles.
The Senate’s broad-ranging inquiry into “nanny state” public safety laws has received written submissions from three medical practitioners, all arguing helmets should be optional for adults.
Andreas Schwander, a dentist for more than 20 years, criticised bicycle helmet laws as “over-­regulation” that has unintentionally undermined cycling.
“They have discouraged large proportions of the community from using their bicycles and probably have caused a much worse impact on our nation’s health by keeping people away from this kind of exercise than they have given benefit by reducing head injuries,” wrote Dr Schwander of Newcastle. “While people who take cycling as a serious sport … wear a helmet voluntarily, it is bordering on ridiculousness to make it mandatory for a leisure ride or trip (to) the baker.”
Andrew Parker, a Sydney clinical pathologist and former senior lecturer at Oxford University, urged the committee to heed a Queensland review that found helmets should be optional for people aged 16 and older.
“The information from this inquiry should be heeded by the committee,” Dr Parker wrote.
Sydney doctor Lisa Parker said the mandatory helmet rule “reduces population health” and should be removed. “While there is evidence of benefit to the individuals wearing helmets, there is also evidence of wider harm to population health resulting from the reduction in cycling,” she wrote.
Helmet laws are the responsibility of states and territories but are modelled on National Transport Commission rules. Victoria’s helmet laws, introduced in 1990, resulted in a 16 per cent reduction in head injuries. While there was a fall in bicycle use, those numbers substantially recovered within two years, according to VicRoads.
University of Sydney public health professor Simon Chapman has defended helmet laws for saving lives with only “a trivial intrusion on liberty”.
The inquiry, chaired by Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm, is examining laws that restrict personal choice “for the individual’s own good”, including the sale and use of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, pornography and ­violent video games.
Launching the inquiry last month, Senator Leyonhjelm argued the state should not restrict an individual’s freedom unless they are threatening others.
“It’s not a threat to other people if you don’t wear a helmet; you’re not going to bang your bare head into someone else,” he said.

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