CCTV: murder trio walk into pub after dumping body

Robyn Lindholm, Torsten Travert and John Ryan walk into the Empire State Hotel in Inglewood after dumping the body of Wayne Amey.

Two men under the spell of "femme fatale" stripper Robyn Lindholm have been found guilty of murdering her former lover on her orders.
A Supreme Court jury on Friday found Torsten "Toots" Trabert and John Ryan had murdered Hawthorn gym owner Wayne Amey at Lindholm's urging because she wanted him dead.
'Femme Fatale' Robyn Lindholm had been due to stand trial for murder but pleaded guilty at the last minute. 'Femme Fatale' Robyn Lindholm had been due to stand trial for murder but pleaded guilty at the last minute. Photo: Simon O'Dwyer
It can now be revealed that Lindholm was a former girlfriend of slain underworld figure Alphonse Gangitano and has previously lost a partner under suspicious circumstances.
In 2005, Lindholm's then fiance, George Templeton, also known as George Teazis, vanished after leaving the Reservoir house the coupled had shared.
The murder victim Mr Amey had been involved in a property dispute with Lindholm over a farm they owned in Bittern.
Torsten Trabert Torsten Trabert Photo: Justin McManus
Trabert was having a torrid affair with Lindholm at the time when he agreed to kill Mr Amey for her, while the Crown case against Ryan was that he was infatuated with her and would do anything for her.
Lindholm had been due to stand trial for murder with Trabert and Ryan but pleaded guilty at the last minute before the jury was empanelled. 
The jury was told only that her case was being dealt with separately, which meant they knew nothing of her own guilty plea before handing down their verdicts.
John Ryan John Ryan Photo: Justin McManus
Justice Lex Lasry remanded both men for sentencing at a later date.
During the trial, Chief Crown prosecutor Gavin Silbert, QC, described Lindholm as a "femme fatale" who believed she could achieve whatever she wanted through her boyfriends.
Trabert and Ryan blamed each other for murdering Mr Amey, 54, who was attacked in his Hawthorn apartment block's underground car park just after 11.30pm on December 10, 2013, placed in the boot of a car and driven away.
Mr Amey's body was found wedged between boulders on Mount Korong, central Victoria, on December 18. He had suffered four stab wounds to the chest, fractured ribs, multiple lacerations to the head and been choked with a blue rope.
Lindholm initially claimed to have loved Mr Amey and that she would never hurt him.
She told how she and Mr Amey first split up in 2011 but he "always wanted to have sex with me, regardless".
"He was very into that and whenever he got drunk or smashed he used to call me and that was right up until not long ago," she told police.
"We used to do a lot of threesomes and he used to get me to bring girls home a lot."
Lindholm said there was never any violence in their relationship.
"He was never mean to me, he was kind to me. And yeah, we loved each other but we just grew apart. I would never let anyone hurt Wayne 'cause he's never hurt me. He was always good to me."
Trabert, who left his wife and two children to move in with Lindholm three months before the murder, told police that on the way back to Melbourne after dumping Mr Amey's body, the couple had sex next to a creek in Gisborne.
Lindholm had previously asked two former boyfriends to kill Mr Amey before turning to Trabert and Ryan, the court heard.
After his arrest, Trabert told police: "I don't kill people ... I'm a lover, not a killer, I couldn't kill anyone".
But on November 21, 2013, less then three weeks before Mr Amey was killed, Trabert reassured Lindholm's jailed boyfriend that he was looking after her.
"I'll make sure she's no one else's, I'll make sure of it," Trabert said during the recorded telephone conversation. "If anyone goes near her, I'll f---ing cut their throat".
The jailed boyfriend had no idea Trabert was having an affair with Lindholm at the time.
Lindholm later told the jailed boyfriend that Trabert was "the ugliest f---ker you've ever seen" to convince him she wasn't having sex with him.  
Defence lawyer Patrick Tehan, QC, for Trabert, said his client was in love with Lindholm but did not kill Mr Amey for her. Mr Tehan said Ryan had stabbed Mr Amey to death.
Defence lawyer David Hallowes, for Ryan, said there was no reason for his client to kill for Lindholm because Ryan was not infatuated with her or under her spell.
Mr Hallowes said Ryan believed he and Trabert were only going to give Mr Amey a good hiding and did not know Trabert was planning to kill him.