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Public Transport Train, tram and bus etiquette blitz with ‘model commuters’ ads Melbourne, Victoria Herald Sun February 05, 2015 Community Safety

Train, tram and bus etiquette blitz with ‘model commuters’ ads

A crowded Metro train.
A crowded Metro train.
PASSENGERS who hit other commuters with their gym bags, force train doors open or think they are DJs in a train carriage, are the targets of a new public transport campaign.
The train, tram and bus etiquette blitz has been rolled out to address commuter gripes.
Public Transport Victoria has unleashed four “model commuters” it wants passengers to follow to make journeys smoother.
Model commuters include:
PATIENT boarder, who doesn’t push through the door and waits for people to get off before entering;
VOLUME controller, who understands not everybody wants to hear their music and knows they are not the resident carriage DJ;
SEAT offerer, who occasionally looks up from their phone and gives up a seat to those in need; and
BACKPACK remover, who avoids hitting others with a gym bag and takes off the backpack before boarding.
PTV chief executive officer Mark Wild said the model commuters campaign was designed to address frustrating behaviour in a positive and lighthearted manner.
“We want everyone who uses public transport to have a positive experience and each and every one of us has a role to play in making it an enjoyable one,” he said.
“The difference between someone enjoying their journey or having a bad one can be as simple as a fellow passenger taking their backpack off to make room, or offering a seat to someone who needs it more than you do.”
This is the latest etiquette campaign in a bid to make the ride smoother for passengers.
Taxpayers paid $250,000 for the previous ad blitz that identified four types of people passengers should model their behaviour on — the mover-overer, floor bagger, quiet talker and door clearer.
PTV has returned to educating passengers after analysing customer feedback and the pet gripes of passengers.
Passengers are being urged to share their favourite model commuter on social media and can also vote for their top choice at modelcommuters.com.au.
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