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The misandry speech?

Former Prime Minister Gillard is famous for her "misogyny speech" in Parliament. 

It is worth noting her demeaning 2009 remarks to (now) Minister Christopher Pyne. 

Is the message "but it's ok for a woman to be sexist and demeaning of men?"

Pete Dowe

I have to commend Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews​ on addressing gender imbalance but I must also express my concerns re gender equality. 

I'm not so sure that rightly addressing gender imbalance on Victorian Government Boards and Courts automatically means gender equality. 

I hope people realise that all those who hold public office must be held to account to serve on behalf of the whole community with appropriate attitudes to both genders and reasonable, even-handed, gender-equal application of the law.

Pete Dowe  

"Rule of Law IS one size Fits All"

Pete Dowe 

"Rule of law, equal application of the law, due process, respect of one person for another are necessary for a peaceful productive society" 

Malcolm Fraser

Julia Gillard calls Christopher Pyne a poodle

WORKPLACE Relations Minister Julia Gillard says calling Opposition frontbencher Chris Pyne a "mincer" was just a bit of humour in parliament.
"In question time you've got to have your moments of humour and I think that that was a moment of humour," Ms Gillard said today, as political name-calling spread to Liberal frontbencher Tony Abbott, who called Prime Minister kevin Rudd a "toxic bore"..
"It was a butcher shop," Prime Minister Kevin Rudd interjected during a joint news conference as they visited apprentices at a training workshop in the Canberra suburb of Fyshwick.
But Ms Gillard continued, explaining that opposition frontbencher Tony Abbott had been interested in the job of manager of opposition business in the house, which was given to fellow frontbencher Chris Pyne.
"I think anybody who has seen Tony Abbott in action would say he's got a very different style to Christopher Pyne," Ms Gillard said.
Mr Abbott went on the attack on Sky News early today, dismissing Mr Rudd as "a toxic bore".
Mr Rudd refused to be drawn on the criticism, saying the government was involved in the practical business of dealing with the global financial crisis.
"And can I say, people losing their jobs isn't funny," Mr Rudd said.
But Mr Abbott praised Ms Gillard, who he described as "a fine parliamentarian" who livened the performance of Labor.

The Deputy Prime Minister also called Mr Pyne a "'poodle'' as he yesterday began extra duties as manager of Opposition business, a senior post involving parliamentary tactics.

When he rose to interrupt Ms Gillard with a point of order during Question Time, the Education Minister laid into him.

"I must admit that I did want to see the member for Warringah (Tony Abbott) making a comeback,'' she said.

"In a choice between macho and mincing, I would have gone for macho myself.''

The Hansard of the exchange recorded the word as "mixing'', but witnesses to the outburst had no doubt the word was mincing.

Ms Gillard continued: "And obviously the Leader of the Opposition (Malcolm Turnbull), faced with the choice of a doberman or poodle, has gone for the poodle.

"Presumably he prefers Abba to Cold Chisel, because that is the kind of thing we see on display.''


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