Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Community Safety Family Violence Domestic Violence 'Residents to take a stand over violence' 'Safe Steps' Melbourne Leader 27 Apr 2015 Social Exclusion Gender Equality Gender-Equal Application of the Law Female Violence Against Children Female Violence against Females Female Violence against Males Rule of Law IS One Size Fits All

"Rule of law, equal application of the law, due process, respect of one person for another are necessary for a peaceful productive society" 

Malcolm Fraser

Sorry, but the Safe Steps Candlelight vigil is inadvertent solidarity with female criminality,

and inadvertent neglect of child victims of women. female victims of women

as well as male victims of women

Pete Dowe 

With all due respect to the Australian Human Rights Commission I cannot understand how they can/ why they would inadvertently discriminate against and inadvertently neglect child victims of women,
female victims of women as well as male victims of women

Pete Dowe

I have to commend Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews​ on addressing gender imbalance but I must also express my concerns re gender equality. 

I'm not so sure that rightly addressing gender imbalance on Victorian Government Boards and Courts automatically means gender equality. 

I hope people realise that all those who hold public office must be held to account to serve on behalf of the whole community with appropriate attitudes to both genders and reasonable, even-handed, gender-equal application of the law.

Pete Dowe 

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Residents to take a stand over violence 
MELBURNIANS will come together next month in a show of community solidarity against family violence. DAVID CROSLING Carolyn Moorshead, Rohani Mitchell and Annette Gilliespie.
It is hoped 5000 people will attend the Safe Steps candlelight vigil at Federation Square on May 6 to remember the women and children who have died as a result of family violence.
Safe Steps chief executive Annette Gillespie said 31 women had died as a result of family violence this year.
“It has moved from being, on average, one woman per week to two women per week,” Ms Gillespie said.
It is the first time the event will be held in Victoria and will support other annual vigils held simultaneously in each state and territory.
Ms Gillespie said the event would give the community an opportunity to come together to say “enough is enough” against family violence.
“We want to make a very strong statement as a community in Melbourne that we want to see change,” Ms Gillespie said.
Safe Steps is a statewide first-response service available 24/ 7 to women and children wanting to escape family violence. The service also provides safe accommodation for women at high risk of family violence.
“Our stats show women are reporting more and when they do report, they are reporting the violence is more frequent and severe than ever before,” Ms Gillespie said.
People can register for the event via the Safe Steps Facebook page, visiting or calling 1800 015 188. The event will start at 6pm, while an LED candle can be purchased at the event.

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