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I have to commend Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews​ on addressing gender imbalance but I must also express my concerns re gender equality. 

I'm not so sure that rightly addressing gender imbalance on Victorian Government Boards and Courts automatically means gender equality. 

I hope people realise that all those who hold public office must be held to account to serve on behalf of the whole community with appropriate attitudes to both genders and reasonable, even-handed, gender-equal application of the law.

Pete Dowe  

"Rule of Law IS one size Fits All"

Pete Dowe 

"Rule of law, equal application of the law, due process, respect of one person for another are necessary for a peaceful productive society" 

Malcolm Fraser


Lena Dunham criticised for comparing her Jewish boyfriend to her dog
March 27, 2015
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Livia Gamble
Lena Dunham is under fire for her article in the New Yorker, Dog or Jewish Boyfriend: A Quiz. Photo: Getty Images
Girls actor Lena Dunham has been criticised for comparing her Jewish boyfriend to her dog.
Published in The New Yorker, her article, Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz, offers a list of 35 things comparing the two.
"Do the following statements refer to (a) my dog or (b) my Jewish boyfriend?" she asks.
"1. The first thing I noticed about him was his eyes."
"2. We love to spend hours in bed together on Sunday mornings."
Moving on to question eight , Dunham writes about "him" feeling judgemental about the food she serves him.
"When I make something from scratch, he doesn't want to eat it, but he also rejects most store-bought dinners.
"This is because he comes from a culture in which mothers focus every ounce of their attention on their offspring and don't acknowledge their own need for independence as women. They are sucked dry by their children, who ultimately leave them as soon as they find suitable mates," Dunham says.
Is she referring to her dog or her Jewish boyfriend?
"23. My grandma Dottie loves him and says he's a "good, good boy," the article continues. 
"35. He's adopted."
Although Dunham is known as a writer, actress and producer, she is also referred to as a comedian, however, in this intance, many failed to see a funny side.
Writer Jordana Horn said in the past she found Dunham to be funny and "always enjoyed her writing", that is, until now.
In her article titled: Lena Dunham Equated Jews to Dogs & That's Not OK, Horn says: "Offensive Piece or Humorous? My Answers To The Quiz."
"To dehumanise people, one of the first steps is to call them non-people or animals," says Horn.
"You know, because apparently Jews are a group you can make fun of and it is deemed kinda intellectual and funny to do so.
"Basically, the boyfriend of whom she paints a picture is a weak, cheap, complaining, ungrateful, whiny jerk. To say that these qualities are obviously Jewish – and doglike? – offends me deeply."
And the reaction on social media is much the same.

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