Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cycling & Motoring Sharing the Road Victoria Police Facebook Eyewatch - Stonnington Police Service Area Melbourne, Victoria Feb. 6th 2015

Unfortunately, a fair number of the local injury collisions involve cyclists. 

It's worth remembering that a bicycle is classified as a vehicle and is therefore subject of the same Road Rules as cars and trucks.....

but it's not all about how drivers travel around cyclists, because all road users should take care and avoid distraction.

How bike riders should share the road

• Obey the road rules and stop at all red traffic lights and stop signs.
• Wear bright coloured clothing and use lights when cycling at night.
• Ride predictably and indicate to drivers when you intend to turn or change direction.
• Bike riders should look out for drivers and passengers getting in and out of parked cars and be aware of the risk of car doors opening.
• Bike riders are allowed to ride side by side (two abreast) but no more than 1.5 metres apart. If the road is narrow be courteous to other road users and ride single file to allow vehicles to overtake safely.

How drivers should share the road

• Be patient and give bike riders a clearance of at least one metre when passing them, more if travelling over 60km/h. If this clearance isn’t possible don’t overtake until it is safe to do so. After overtaking, make sure you are well clear of the bicycle before moving back.
• Watch out for bike riders at intersections and roundabouts.
• Drive slowly and watch out for bike riders in residential streets.
• Check behind before opening your car door, use your mirrors as well as checking over your shoulder.
• Do not drive in bicycle lanes.
• Give way to bike riders in bicycle lanes if you are turning across the lane.
• Indicate when pulling out, changing lanes or turning, so bike riders know your intentions.

VICROADS website has a great FAQ list at the following link…/cyclist-…/sharing-the-road

Senior Sergeant Dagmar Andersen - Prahran Police

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