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Cycling Ride the Night Melbourne Feb 1st 2015 VicRoads Refuses Permit Victoria Police strongly opposes Dangerous mass night bike ride will “increase the potential for night time road trauma”.Herald Sun online Jan. 16th 2015 & Bayside Leader online Jan 20th 2015

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‘Dangerous’ night bike ride with 2000 cyclists to push ahead

The Ride the Night event plans to see 2000 cyclists ride from the city to Albert Park.
The Ride the Night event plans to see 2000 cyclists ride from the city to Albert Park.
ORGANISERS of a controversial bike event have vowed to push ahead with the “all-night ride”, despite police and VicRoads warning it is dangerous, a waste of emergency services’ time and could end in carnage.
The Ride the Night event plans to see 2000 cyclists ride from the city to Albert Park between midnight and 6am, stopping at “mini-parties” along the way.
Police strongly oppose the event, saying the mass weekend ride through the CBD could clash with weekend revellers and “increase the potential for night time road trauma”.
Ride the Night sold out in November, but is in limbo after authorities refused to issue a permit, citing numerous safety concerns. VicRoads has also vowed to block the midnight cycling event — with Melbourne City Council likely to follow.
Bicycle Network chief executive Craig Richards said it was highly unlikely the event would need to be cancelled.
“We don’t believe the date is going to change. We certainly think the ride is going ahead,” Mr Richards said.
He said it was not unusual for big events to be granted a permit just days before they started and said the care of riders and the public was organisers’ highest priority.
“We take great care of our riders. We have professional traffic management people all along the route,” he said.
He denied riders would clash with revellers saying “we’re not going down King St” and adding the route was carefully selected.
He did concede there were things that needed to be modified and he would work with police and VicRoads.
Inspector Damien Christensen said Victoria Police first raised concerns with the organisers in December 2013 and they still had not been properly addressed.
Concerns include a lack of bicycle lanes along the route and the event taking place during peak demand times for police and emergency services.
“Victoria Police has advised VicRoads that the safety concerns raised have not been adequately addressed by the organisers. VicRoads then decided to not issue a permit to the organisers of the event,” Mr Christensen said.
The fundraiser  hoped to raise $300,000 for the Youth Support and Advocacy Service, also known as YSAS, which helps vulnerable young adults battling substance abuse.


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  • 20 Jan 2015
  • Bayside Leader
  • Dana McCauley
MELBOURNE’S inaugural all-night cycling event may not go ahead, with VicRoads so far refusing to issue a permit for the sold-out Ride the Night.
When the Leader went to print on Friday — 15 days before the ride — the agency, lcouncils and police refused to approve it on safety grounds. But Bicycle Network Victoria general manager Darren Allen said he was confident it would go ahead.
“We’re working really closely with Vicroads, police and councils to address the problems that have been raised,” Mr Allen said.
Victoria Police spokeswoman Belinda Batty listed safety concerns with the 70km route through the CBD, Parkville, Fitzroy North, Footscray, Port Melbourne, St Kilda and Albert Park – and a nailbiting ride over the Westgate Bridge – on a busy Saturday night.
Concerns included a lack of separated bicycle lanes; the event coinciding with peak demand times for police and emergency services; risk posed by pedestrians in entertainment precincts along the route;and rider fatigue.
Vicroads spokeswoman Gail Carland said the agency had declined to issue a permit, but was still negotiating with organisers.
Albert Park cyclist Mark Dempsey said he would be disappointed if the ride was cancelled “especially after all the training a lot of us have been doing.”

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