Girl in pram rolls off platform

Distracted grandfather fails to notice toddler in her pram rolling to the edge, and then face-first off the rail platform at Diamond Creek. The girl was treated at hospital for a minor fracture.
Sickening footage has emerged of  the moment a pram carrying a toddler rolled off a platform and onto train tracks in suburban Melbourne.
The scenes , taken from a security camera at Diamond Creek station on Wednesday morning, shows the pram slowly rolling off the platform and the 18-month-old girl strapped inside falling face-first onto the tracks below.
The child's grandfather, distracted as he tended to his other grandchild, realises what has unfolded and jumps off the platform and onto the tracks.
The toddler fell onto the tracks at Diamond Creek train station about 11am.
The toddler fell onto the tracks at Diamond Creek train station about 11am. Photo: Fairfax Radio 3AW
He picks up the pram and other bystanders run up the track to help.
One bystander picks up the toddler and places her on the platform while others crowd around the baby to assess her injuries.
A witness, known only as Phillip, told radio station 3AW the girl suffered a significant head injury around her eye-socket and was bleeding from her nose after hitting a steel rail.
The toddler was taken by ambulance to the Royal Children's Hospital where she was in a stable condition on Thursday afternoon.