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Community Safety CCTV Boroondara Council, Melbourne launches CCTV installation guidelines Progress Leader Dec 16th 2014

Many dismiss CCTV as "Big Brother" or “useless after the event” but it can also 

provide vital evidence of serious wrongdoing, either circumstantial, or of the offence committed. 

Community Safety also means that we penalise and address serious wrongdoing.

Pete Dowe 

Boroondara set to beef up CCTV installation guidelines

CCTV camera requests from businesses and residents to boost public safety are set to go through a more rigorous application process, after the release of council guidelines. 
The draft Boroondara Council policy, if enacted, will define the extent of the council’s role in resourcing, installing and maintaining CCTV systems in the region. Both the state and federal governments have provided money in the past to support the installation of cameras.
The council has previously been advised that local governments may own and manage cameras in public spaces, but this approach has caused delays
For instance, the council’s application for CCTV in the late-night entertainment area on Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn was made in 2011, but the cameras only became ­active this year.


Which parts of Boroondara would benefit from CCTV? Tell us below.

The council’s director of community development Carolyn McClean said the goal of the draft policy was to provide consistency, clarity and transparency to the community in relation to CCTV.

“(It will) outline how the council will engage, discuss, assess and communicate on public space CCTV issues,” Ms McClean said.

“The policy recommends that in Boroondara’s other shopping centres, where traders are concerned about property damage and shoplifting,

that trader owned and managed CCTV models in partnership with the police are appropriate.”


■ To better focus council’s acquisition and management of CCTV systems

■ To facilitate discussions that support and inform businesses about support from the state and federal

■ To partner with the Victoria Police to inform businesses on best-practice community safety responses

Progress Leader Dec 16th 2014

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