Friday, December 19, 2014

Community Safety Jail Bail Murders and Violence against Women Sydney Siege Lindt Cafe. Man Haron Monis on Bail Charged with Accessory to Murder of ex-wife and 40 counts of Sexual Assault The Age Online Dec 18th 2014 Parole Remand

Why did this violent man get bail?

Tony Abbott, the Minister for Women, calls a national review into the background to the Sydney siege. 

Is he interested in how a man facing serious charges of violence against women, including 40 counts of sexual assault and accessory to murder of his ex-wife, was out on bail? 

It appears not. What Mr Abbott sees as important is how Monis got citizenship and whether he received government benefits. What we want are answers to the first question.

That he was out on bail when he faced such serious charges is yet another example of not taking risks to women's safety seriously.

If the violence that he is alleged to have perpetrated against a number of women had been seen as a serious risk to the community, 

two people would not have lost their lives so senselessly.


Marg D'Arcy, Kew East 

Letter to the Editor, 

The Age online 18/12/14

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