Brunswick locals feeling left in the dark

Residents of BRUNSWICK are demanding better lighting for the STREETS near Sydney Road, after the recent spate of assaults against women in their area.
Brunswick locals are demanding improved lighting for side streets after three assaults on women near Sydney Road.
Since the death of Jill Meagher 20 months ago, many residents have felt at risk, and the local TRADERS' association is planning a Street Smart workshop on Tuesday to provide safety advice.
The MANAGER of the Sydney Road Brunswick Association, Claire Perry, said: ''[The streets] feel very unsafe for a lot of people. Some are lit on one side of the street and the light is very dim.
Elizabeth Pertile on Sydney Road.
Local Elizabeth Pertile says she runs home because of the dark side streets off Sydney Road, Brunswick. Photo: Eddie Jim
''After these last few incidents, the council might realise that it is a very, very important ISSUE for everyone in our community.''
Elizabeth Pertile, a long-time resident of Blyth Street, says she finds herself ''running home like a crazy maniac'' because the streets are so dark. ''You feel a little insecure when you can't see 10 or 20 metres ahead of you,'' she said.
''You just don't know who's out there and there's always that threat.''
What has been spent of Moreland Council's $125,000 lighting budget for 2013-14 has gone on lights along the Upfield bike trail.
Moreland mayor Lambros Tapinos said the council ''shares the community's safety concerns and is working hard to ADDRESS issues on a number of fronts''.
On Tuesday, the council met CitiPower to request quotes for an UPGRADE TO stronger LED lights for some street lamps, particularly in the streets that lead from Sydney Road to Brunswick train stations.
According to the council, THE CURRENT level of lighting in Brunswick is above Australian standards.
The latest crime statistics for Brunswick, released last Wednesday, show a small increase in THE NUMBER of non-domestic assaults to 597 in the past year.
Home burglary has increased by 18.4 per cent, but robbery has decreased by 13.3 per cent to 98 incidents in the past year.