Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trains Public Transport VIDEO Female Aggression Violence Two Women brawl on Flinders St. Train Platform, both Fall on Tracks Melbourne Herald Sun August 20th 2014 Community Safety 'Girls at War' The New Face of Violence

Two women filmed in astounding clumsy brawl on Melbourne train platform, both fall on tracks

Station brawl caught on camera
INCREDIBLE video has emerged of two women wildly brawling and then crashing on to the tracks at Flinders St station.
The vicious confrontation, filmed by an onlooker, started when a woman in a green top and cargo pants began abusing another woman.
“I went down to try and find out what time the f****** train came,” she yelled.
“F****** smart-mouthed little thing.”
She then marched purposefully down the platform to confront the woman in leg warmers and gloves.
After throwing the first punch, she was shoved backwards and flew off the platform, crashing heavily on to the tracks.
A screen grab from a YouTube video of two women fighting on the platform in Melbourne.
A screen grab from a YouTube video of two women fighting on the platform in Melbourne.
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“Don’t f*** with me,” the woman on the platform yelled as she celebrated with an arrogant victory dance.
But when her victim tried to climb back up, the woman tried to kick her in the face, only to fall on to the tracks next to her.
She quickly got up and asked: “Wanna go some more?”
It is unclear when the fight occurred but Metro Trains staff are trawling through recent CCTV footage to find out more.
A Metro spokeswoman said the brawl could have had a far worse outcome.
“An incident like this at our busiest station could have had very serious consequences,” she said.

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