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Cyclist seriously injured collision with Train North Williamstown Station, Melbourne on Railway Crossing against the pedestrian crossing warnings The Age 29.9.2011

"Our review of cycling deaths shows that cyclists who break the law 

are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured”

Bicycle Victoria’s Report into Cycle Deaths in Victoria 2002

"a cyclist was hit by a train in North Williamstown as he crossed against pedestrian crossing warnings."

The 28-year-old cyclist hit last night is fighting for his life with critical head and chest injuries.

Paramedics treated the unconscious man underneath the train for 50 minutes in the dark and rain before he was freed and taken to hospital.
He was struck by the train just after 7pm amid a massive storm that dumped 45 millimetres on the city.
Police say the man was crossing against the pedestrian crossing warnings when he was struck by the northbound train.
Ambulance Victoria paramedic Stephen Aitken said the man was trapped under the first carriage of the train and dragged for about 100 metres before the train came to a stop.
Paramedics had to crawl under the train to get to the man and treat him there by torchlight until he could be freed.
‘‘I had to climb under the train and lie on my back under the train,’’ Mr Aitken said.
‘‘It was pouring rain, so that was difficult in itself, being night time I couldn’t see.
‘‘I had the assistance of police and firemen with small torches initially, so we just worked by torchlight, but we just had to lie on our backs and just crawl under the train.’’
Paramedics managed to treat some of the bleeding to the man’s face and head and apply oxygen as he lay trapped.
Firefighters then cut the man’s bike apart to free him.
He had suffered significant head injuries and chest injuries.
Paramedics placed him in an induced coma and took him to The Alfred hospital in a critical condition.
Police said the man’s injuries were life threatening.
It was believed the train driver had tried to stop but was unable to avoid the collision.
A hospital spokesman later said the man’s condition was critical but stable.
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Comment by Pete Dowe

It is worth noting that the recent cyclist fatality due to a collision with a Train on a Railway Crossing near Edithvale Station was not an isolated incident.

There were two other cyclist fatalities in Melbourne in 2007 and 2008 

caused by collisions with Trains at, or on a Railway Station

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