Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cycling and Walking Victoria Walks Teenage Footpath Cycling Position Statement Community Safety

This Blog strongly opposes certain reforms

VicRoads is currently considering:

“under one suggested reform, 

cyclists could be allowed to treat red lights as Give Way signs. 
And the same could also APPLY  at pedestrian lights."   

"PERMITTING cyclists, riding cautiously, to proceed past a stationary tram;"

"ALLOWING all riders to use the footpath, provided that they give way to pedestrians."

Herald Sun 12.9.14

Position statements

Footpaths are for feet

Cycling groups are campaigning for teenagers up to 16 years old to ride on footpaths. This is a significant jump from the current age limit of up to 12 years for footpath cycling. A VicRoads survey on road rules for cycling includes various options that would see more cyclists on footpaths.
Victoria Walks have released a position statement - Footpaths are for Feet - that highlights the reasons why a change in road laws would be a mistake.  This position is also supported by Vision Australia, National Disability Services and the Council on the Ageing (COTA).
Our footpaths are not built for cycling but they are critical for many seniors, children, families, those on mobility scooters and the disabled to get around.  More bikes on footpaths will put many off walking.
Seniors and others are right to be worried, because cyclists do not necessarily slow down when they share a path with pedestrians. In NSW it was found that the average speed of cyclists on footpaths was 21 km/h, exactly the same speed as when riding on a 50km/h road.
It is paramount that people are safe and feel safe when walking on footpaths, without having to worry about being hit by a cyclist.

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