Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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30 per cent of Cyclists Seriously Injured occurred at T intersections
in Victoria during the period June 30th 2004- June 30th 2013 according to VicRoads CrashStats

Give Way and Stop Sign Intersections accounted for 9 per cent of  Cyclists Seriously Injured

With 7 per cent of Cyclists Seriously Injured occurring at Give Way Sign Intersections

Roundabout Intersections accounted for 6 percent of Cyclists Seriously Injured

Riding two abreast

If riding in the same (lane) please consider other road users and,

if necessary, change to single file to allow drivers to overtake safely.


Driver and Cyclist frustration and undue risks.

Bunch sizes

Cyclists more than two abreast

The CycleSport Victoria and Amy Gillett Foundation submission to the Coroner stated:

”when cyclists breach road rules...” in particular the “…cycling specific rule of riding two abreast or three abreast when overtaking,
other road users become frustrated and take undue risks and/or show 
inappropriate aggression often to other cyclists.”

The Code of Conduct for Training Cyclists states:

“It is recommended that groups do not exceed 20 cyclists in total

as it becomes extremely difficult for other cyclists and motorists to ‘pass the bunch’.   


Riding two abreast

Road Rule 151: Bike riders must not ride alongside more than one other rider in a single marked lane or on any part of a road that is not a multi-lane road unless the bike rider is overtaking another bike rider.

On multi-lane roads, marked lane (and regardless of whether the road is a multi-lane road or any other sort of road), bike riders in that marked lane must not ride more than 1.5 metres apart.

Tip: When riding two abreast bike riders cannot (as stated) ride more than two abreast in any single marked lane on that road

(unless, as stated, overtaking another bike rider) but may ride more than two abreast across multiple lanes.

If riding in the same please consider other road users and, if necessary, change to single file to allow drivers to overtake safely.


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