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Community Safety Domestic Privacy & Amenity 'Ceilings have ears' The Age 17.6.14

"Is there a market for domestic privacy?"

Pete Dowe

Ceilings have ears

I live in a newish, three-storey apartment that has plenty of light but no storage space; and the soundproofing between the floors is so bad it defies belief.

My upstairs neighbour isn't a partying student, but a 65-year-old scientist. 

I don't know this because she told me but because I heard it. 

In fact I know a hell of a lot more about her and herein lies the problem.

Double glazing on windows won't help at all; the sound isn't coming through the windows, it's coming through the ceiling.

Aside from overhearing all her phone conversations I hear her bed creaking when she gets into bed, her lights being switched on and off, cupboards being opened and closed, 

dishes, pots and cutlery being used and washed, the TV and radio, her alarm clock and more. 

I actually heard her zipping up her luggage after listening to her packing.

Then there's the constant noise of someone walking across your ceiling. 

I have glass lights attached to my ceiling and have had to wedge cardboard into them to stop them rattling and possibly eventually shattering. 

If a terrorist ever moved into the unit, ASIO could dispense with electronic listening devices.

Because most apartments are rented, owners and developers couldn't care less about the quality, 

but with first home buyers finding it impossible to find affordable houses many will start considering buying an apartment. 

To them I say beware.

Monica Clarke, Port Melbourne

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