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Community Safety Bullying Female Aggression ALP Candidate withdraws Herald Sun 19.6.14 & ABC online 20.6.14

"Bullying in the school yard or workplace is always unacceptable 

because of the damage and harm it causes..."

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"Bullying outside school or the workplace with the damage and harm it causes

is however apparently acceptable?"

Pete Dowe

Helen Constas quits as Labor candidate for Frankston after bullying claims

Frankston candidate quits over bully claim0:32
Labor's candidate for Frankston has quit after details emerged of bullying allegations against her.
Helen Constas announces she will step down as Labor’s Frankston candidate. Picture: Ellen
Helen Constas announces she will step down as Labor’s Frankston candidate. Picture: Ellen Smith
LABOR’S embattled Frankston candidate Helen Constas has quit after fresh details of a workplace bullying claim against her emerged today.
Ms Constas made the announcement in a statement at 3pm following revelations of the bully case in the Herald Sun.
It means she will not be the Labor candidate at the November election.
Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said he was “very disappointed” the matters were not brought forward during the candidate vetting process.
“The first I became aware of these matters was yesterday afternoon,” Mr Andrews said.
“I am very disappointed by this.”
He said he had raised concerns with Victorian Labor Party state secretary Noah Carroll about the vetting process for candidates.
“These sorts of issues all political parties from time to time confront them,” Mr Andrews said.
“Labor will now focus on choosing a new candidate for Frankston, somebody who will work very hard, very hard indeed to win the trust and support of Frankston people.”
The decision comes after a court statement of claim revealed Ms Constas “screamed” and “threatened” her 60-year-old personal assistant during repeated telephone calls on the day she resigned.
The documents obtained by the Herald Sun (scroll below to read) claim that Ms Constas presided over a culture of “bullying and harassment” while she was chief executive of the Peninsula Community Legal Centre, which is in Frankston.

Frankston Labor candidate stands down

Labor’s candidate for Frankston Helen Constas pulls out of the race amid bullying allegations

Updated Fri 20 Jun 2014, 6:14am AEST
Labor's candidate for the crucial seat of Frankston, Helen Constas, has pulled out of the race amid claims she bullied an employee.
Ms Constas has been vying to win the seat for Labor from balance-of-power Independent Geoff Shaw.
On Wednesday, the Herald Sun reported she had reached a confidential court settlement last year with a former personal assistant who had accused her of bullying.
Ms Constas today said she would no longer be contesting the seat.
"This matter is very distressing to me and my family but it is also a distraction to holding the Napthine government to account," Ms Constas said.
"I was committed to putting my heart and soul into running for Frankston, and I believe I would have been successful."
It is understood she did not disclose the court case when seeking Labor pre-selection.

Daniel Andrews says he urged Constas to resign

Labor leader Daniel Andrews said he only became aware of the issue on Wednesday and made it clear to Ms Constas she should resign.
"There was a vetting process... these matters were not brought forward as part of this process," Mr Andrews said.
I'm not going to say this is a good day, I'm not going to sugar coat it.
Daniel Andrews, Opposition Leader
"I'm not going to say this is a good day, I'm not going to sugar coat it."
He said Labor would move quickly to find a new candidate for the seat.
Government frontbencher Matthew Guy said the pre-selection of Ms Constas was a poor reflection on Mr Andrews.
"My understanding is that Daniel Andrews was one of the people who intervened to get her pre-selection," Mr Guy said.
"Just a week and a half ago we see him smiling holding hands with her in the paper like she's Cinderella, and now we find out today she's the wicked witch.
"Well, if Labor can't get their facts straight from the very start how on earth could these people govern the state."
But Mr Andrews denies he "hand-picked" Ms Constas.
"I did not advocate for any candidate in the Frankston pre-selection," Mr Andrews told reporters.
Frankston has notionally been a Liberal-held seat, with a margin of just 0.4 per cent.
Labor or the Liberal candidate, Sean Armistead, have been expected to win the seat.
Geoff Shaw has said he intended to contest the election but was not expected to win as an independent.

Herald Sun 19.6.14

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