Thursday, May 8, 2014

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“Cyclists who break the law are much more likely to be killed and seriously injured”

Bicycle Victoria’s Report into Cycling Deaths in Victoria (2002)

Australian Drivers Licence, Victorian Learners Permit, 
Proof of Age, 
Keypass, Australian Passport

Reliable photo identification is a necessity of modern life.

(‘necessity is the mother of invention’ )

There is a range of reliable photo id which cyclists would most likely have at least one of:

As well as a Drivers licence*, many cyclists may also already have a Passport, Learners Permit, 
 Working with Children Check or Student ID.

* Bicycle Victoria claims that the majority of its members are motorists.

Fishing and Firearms licences have also been suggested.


and Proof of Age card are also reliable photo ID

which could be recommended

for any cyclist who may not have

any other reliable photo identification.

Cyclists' ID Reliable Photo ID

Reliable photo identification is a necessity of modern life.


is currently obtainable through Australia Post,

while Proof of Age card

is also available through Australia Post.

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