Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cycling Hell Ride Police crackdown Comment by Pete Dowe Beach Road Bunch Cycling No Stopping Zones Community Safety

This blog strongly opposes certain suggested reforms

VicRoads is currently considering:

"under one suggested reform, 

cyclists could be allowed to treat red lights as Give Way signs. 

And the same could also APPLY at pedestrian lights."   


"PERMITTING cyclists, riding cautiously, to proceed past a stationary tram;"

"ALLOWING all riders to use the footpath, provided that they give way to pedestrians."

Herald Sun 12.9.14

Comment by Pete Dowe

This blog commends Moorabbin Highway Patrol’s efforts to reduce and diminish the risks to community safety caused by the Hell Ride, 

an unofficial bunch cycling road race on public roads.

Police have deployed three police motorcycles and two marked cars to supervise the Hell Ride.

These significant police resources are provided at considerable expense to the community and taxpayer.

Many citizens might argue that five police vehicles could be put to better use than supervising recalcitrant, negligent, reckless cycling.

These cyclists shamefully participate on public roads in a disgraceful unofficial road race which ought not exist.

Police say it may take some time to reduce the risks to the community presented by those participants of the Hell Ride.

What history teaches us is that the moment finite Police resources are redeployed elsewhere the Hell Ride balloons once again and reverts to being a law unto itself.

The Hell Ride will need constant Police supervision with the taxpayer footing the bill.

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

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