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Beach Road Bunch Cycling Bayside Council meeting Pete Dowe's speech Oct. 11th 2011 No Stopping Zones Community Safety

This blog strongly opposes certain suggested reforms

VicRoads is currently considering:

"under one suggested reform, 

cyclists could be allowed to treat red lights as Give Way signs. 

And the same could also APPLY at pedestrian lights."   


"PERMITTING cyclists, riding cautiously, to proceed past a stationary tram;"

"ALLOWING all riders to use the footpath, provided that they give way to pedestrians."

Herald Sun 12.9.14

Pete Dowe's speech to Bayside Council meeting

October 11th 2011

What to do about cyclists behaviour? And why do we only ever talk about parked Cars?

Beach Road Cyclists spokesman Marcel Lema told Stateline on September 1st 2006 “Probably 80 to 90 per cent of cyclists that are on beach road today have a very low set of skills.”

CycleSport Victoria and Amy Gillett Foundation joint submission to Coroner Johnstone’s inquest into the death of James Gould. states
“Riding in bunches is an acquired skill which many cyclists returning to cycling do not possess.”
According to Monash University Accident Research Centre (2009)

“No formal training programs to develop bunch riding skills were found during this review (of bunch cycling)…and there are no minimum requirements for cyclists to achieve before riding on the road in a bunch.”

Yet the Code of Conduct for Training Cyclists states:
“Sharing the Road means obeying the Road Rules, being predictable and respecting the rights of others who use the road.”

Klaus Mueller, (former) President, CycleSport Victoria said “You can’t expect not to be subject to the law if you want to be treated equally”
Bayside Leader May 19th 2009

Bicycle Victoria has previously stated on its website
“We will never condone cyclists breaking the road rules.

“…It really annoys us to see cyclists breaking the law as they are… also giving cyclists a bad name”

“Our review of cycling deaths shows that cyclists who break the law are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured.” *

“Talking about the Hell Ride and other regular weekly faster training rides on Beach Rd. Racing on the road is not on, no matter who you are.”

According to CycleSport Victoria and Amy Gillett Foundation joint submission to Coroner Johnstone’s inquest into the death of James Gould.

”when cyclists breach road rules...” in particular the “…cycling specific rule of riding two abreast or three abreast when overtaking,
other road users become frustrated and take undue risks and/or show inappropriate aggression often to other cyclists.”

I conclude with these questions, do the Bike Lobby stakeholders have any influence re cyclist behaviour modification?

And do their statements on behaviour modification have any credibility?

*Bicycle Victoria Report into Cycle Deaths in Victoria (2002)

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

speech to Bayside Council meeting
October 11th 2011

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