Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cycling & Walking & Motoring Tram Stop Law Clarification Road Rule164 Vicroads Pedestrian/ Community Safety

 Changes to the Victorian Road Rules 2012

Sharing the roads with trams (Road Rule 164)

Q: What are the clarifications to the tram rules?

A: The rules have been clarified to cover the different types of tram stops, such as those with safety zones. 

When the tram doors on your side of the road are open and there is no safety zone*,

drivers and riders must wait at the rear of the tram until the doors close 

and the road is free of pedestrians.
*A safety zone is an area of the road at, or near, a tram stop 

that has yellow safety zone signs and a traffic island or pedestrian refuge 

to provide passengers with a barrier between them and the road. 

Riders and drivers may pass a tram that is stopped at a safety zone stop.

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