Monday, March 17, 2014

Cycling Deaths 15 Fatalities No Bike Helmet Fatalities 2003- 2012 Victoria, Australia Fifteen (15) Cyclists Vicroads CrashStats Cycling/ Community Safety Cycling Safety

Firstly,  a relevant suggestion re VicRoads  CrashStats

and Cycling Accident Data:

When accessing  VicRoads CrashStats Accident Data

one can now easily select Restraint Use: Crash Helmet Worn/ not Worn

and have the vital bicycle helmet usage data in correlation to the severity of cycling accident injuries

at one’s fingertips.

I advocate that researchers/ members of the public,  be able to access vital data in relation to Bike Lights

and Cyclists’ accidents in reduced visibility in the same way.

If one could select “set of lights” or alternatively “no set of lights” one could easily have this vital

accident causality/ contributory factor accident data at one’s fingertips,

without having to access individual Coroner's Reports 

Pete Dowe
Road Safety Advocate

Cycling Deaths Fatalities No Bike Helmet 

Fifteen (15) Cyclist Fatalities Victoria, Australia 2003- 2012 

Vicroads CrashStats

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