cyclist is in a critical condition after falling head first onto the road during Melbourne's Around the Bay in a Day ride.
The 43-year-old man suffered serious injuries when he hit another bicycle on a downhill section on Nepean Highway at Frankston about 12.30pm (AEST).
Ambulance Victoria paramedic Andrew Burns said the man and his friend, who was on the other bicycle, came off their bikes at speed.
"The 43-year-old man landed head first on the road, suffering serious injuries," he said.

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Paramedics fitted the man with a neck brace and administered pain relief.
"Intensive care paramedics then gave him a combination of drugs to sedate and paralyse him, effectively putting him into an induced coma. We then inserted a breathing tube into his lungs, to breath for him."
The patient was airlifted to the Alfred hospital in a critical condition.
The other cyclist was uninjured in the accident.