Saturday, September 14, 2013

Motorists & Trams Death, Fatality. Car Driver fatally collides with empty Tram. Albert Park Melbourne

Driver dies after crashing into back of tram

Updated September 03, 2013 12:57:34
A man died on August 3,  2013, after his car ran into the back of a tram in the Melbourne suburb of Albert Park.
Police say the car was driving erratically before it slammed into the rear of the tram.
Police say a car was speeding and driving erratically before it slammed into a tram, killing the driver in the Melbourne suburb of Albert Park.
The green Ford sedan crashed into the rear right corner of the tram on Victoria Avenue near Danks Street around 9:00am.
Police say it is believed he was the only person in the car at the time.
All of the passengers had left the tram at the last stop on route 1.
The tram driver has been taken to the Alfred Hospital with minor injuries to his neck and shoulders.
Victoria Police Acting Sergeant Nitsa Tsilfidis says the impact was substantial and witnesses reported a car travelling at high speed in the moments before the crash.
"The vehicle was swerving on the tram tracks, from left to right," she said.
"From what I've been told no-one heard any braking, so it appears the vehicle has slammed into the tram without pressing the brakes."
Acting Sergeant Tsilfidis says it was lucky there was no-one on the tram at the time of the crash and says the vehicle was not being pursued.

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