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Families of parolee killers call on Adult Parole Board to explain its actions

Parolee victims
Victims of parolee killers. Source: HeraldSun
THE Adult Parole Board has failed to answer questions about bungles that allowed parolees to murder at least a dozen Victorians.
Almost a year after a paroled rapist killed Jill Meagher, the board has yet to apologise for allowing him on the streets.
The Herald Sun sent questions to board chairman Justice Elizabeth Curtain and her predecessor, Justice Simon Whelan.
Sandra Betts, whose daughter, Raechel, was murdered by parolee killer John Leslie Coombes, called on the board to answer the questions.
Ms Betts said: "I think the right thing to do is show some accountability ... some respect to the public by communicating with the public."
The Herald Sun revealed Jason John Dinsley, who pleaded guilty on Thursday to murdering Ballarat mother Sharon Siermans in April, had failed a drug test several days earlier.
But he remained at liberty to kill Ms Siermans.
His parole was not cancelled until two days after the murder when he failed to appear before the board.
The Herald Sun's questions include asking if the judges were satisfied the board had managed Dinsley and Adrian Bayley, the killer of Jill Meagher, correctly, or if it should have acted differently.
They also ask if Victorians could be confident the board had learned from the two cases, why the board had said nothing in its defence since Bayley's conviction, and if members would apologise to the families of Victorians murdered by parolees.
The questions were sent to the Adult Parole Board and to Supreme Court staff.
No reply was received from either judge by the close of business.
Victims of parolee killers have called on the board to explain its actions.
Matthew Tol, a friend of the Siermans, said the questions should be answered.
"We are an open, democratic society ... The Government and the instruments of government, of which the Parole Board is one, should be accountable."
Sandra Betts said: "They are very direct and important questions that go to the heart of getting an answer to where things went wrong."
Helen Wicking, whose daughter, Joanne, was stabbed to death by a parolee in her Kilmore home in 2010, said the important questions needed to be answered.
"I doubt whether they will answer your questions because they don't appear to be answerable to anybody other than the person who oversees the Parole Board," she said.
"A lot of people have got questions and they are waiting for answers."
Opposition corrections spokeswoman Jill Hennessy said too many had lost their lives because the justice system had failed them.
"All Victorians deserve answers to these questions.
"If the Parole Board can't provide answers, then the Government must do so," Ms Hennessy said.
"The Napthine Government should not not accept a system that is infamous for secrecy and failure."
James Talia, speaking for Corrections Minister Edward O'Donohue, said the Government had asked former High Court judge Ian Callinan to review the board's operations.
"The Government is now reviewing Mr Callinan's report, and intends to release it publicly, subject to legal issues being addressed," Mr Talia said.
Jill Meagher, Raechel Betts, Joanne Wicking, Elsa Corp and Sharon Siermans were all killed by parolees.
Sarah Cafferkey's killer finished parole nine days before murdering her.

1. Did the board act correctly in its management of Adrian Bayley?
2. Did the board act correctly in its management of Jason Dinsley?
3. Should the board have acted differently?
4. Can Victorians be confident the board has learned anything from their cases?
5. Why has the board said nothing in its defence since Bayley was convicted?
6. Will the board apologise to the families of the Victorians murdered by parolees?

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