Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pedestrian Safety Walking Lighting "Light Sydney Road!" say Traders. Moreland Mayor Yildiz asks "Is $125,000 going to be enough - I don't think so." Moreland Leader July 8th 2013 Community Safety

Moreland City Council has still not provided the community safety initiatives of public lighting and CCTV

Moreland Council encourages vigilantism and demonising law-abiding-men for walking,
because of it's ineptitude and failure to serve its community.
Why don't you shut up and just do your job instead Moreland City Council!

It's not law-abiding Men who make us unsafe.
It's you Moreland Council!   Pathetic!

Pete Dowe




Council Called on For Lighting

Suzanne Robson
Moreland Leader 
July 8th 2013

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