Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pedestrian Safety Kids Walking Moreland 100+ Dog Attacks in 2012 ChildSafetyatHome Moreland Leader June 24th 2013 & Herald Sun Community Safety

"Almost half of all attacks occur in homes, and unsuspecting children are most often the victims,
 dog bite data prepared for the Herald Sun by Monash University's
Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit shows.

"(The We are Family program

In its first year  70,000 parents had heard the program's three key messages - 

prepare your pets; 

actively supervise pets with children; 

and if you cannot, then separate them."

City of Moreland recorded 103 (dog) attacks - 27 in Glenroy, 15 in Brunswick

and 13 in Coburg North - with five owners prosecuted and three dogs destroyed."

More than 100 dog attacks in the area last year: report

Suzanne Robson Moreland Leader June 24th 2013

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