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Motoring Driving 'Death Trap' Intersection Pascoe Vale Moreland Leader June 17th 2013 & Herald Sun Online

Family pushes for road resurfacing at 'death trap' intersection

A FAMILY is lobbying Moreland Council to resurface an "unsafe" Pascoe Vale road and investigate road safety improvements after a young driver was involved in a car accident.
Nathan Cini, 19, said he was turning at the intersection of O'Hea and Turner streets about 8pm on June 2 when his car hit a "greasy spot" on the road, which turned the car into oncoming traffic.
Mr Cini said he was correcting the car when it spun 180 degrees, hit the gutter and rolled.
He blamed the "slippery" road for the accident and said he wasn't speeding nor driving erratically and hadn't been drinking.
"Moreland Council (need) to fix this road," Mr Cini said. "It's unsafe for drivers, residents and the general public."
His mother, Martez, said the road needed to be regravelled before someone was seriously injured.
"I have spoken to a number of (neighbouring residents) and they say it is a death trap," Ms Cini said.
Moreland acting city infrastructure director Andrew Day said the council had confirmed with police that a car spun while travelling southbound on Turner St, immediately south of O'Hea St, then hit the gutter and rolled on to its roof.
Mr Day said the council would advocate for blackspot funding so it could coat the intersection with a skid-resistant surface.
"Council has previously requested that VicRoads lower the speed limit on Turner St and Derby St from 60km/h to 50km/h, but this was recently declined."
A council transport engineer inspected the site after the crash and confirmed vehicles travelling south on Derby St passed two warning signs before entering the complex intersection of O'Hea and Turner streets.
Mr Day said two petitions asking the council to investigate road safety improvements at the intersection had been received and would be tabled at the July council meeting.
One was a 41-signature petition from nearby residents and the other featured 50 signatures of parents of children who attend the Turner Street Kindergarten.

'Death Trap' Intersection

by Suzanne Robson
Moreland Leader June 17th 2013

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