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Pedestrian Safety Walking Why was Adrian Bayley out on parole and able to Rape and Murder Jill Meagher? asks Charlie Bezzina Herald Sun June 11th 2013 Community Safety Lighting, Police & CCTV Covert Bullying Cyber Bullying The Rise of Vigilantism Hyper-Vigilantism

 Vigilantism, Hyper-Vigilantism makes our Community Unsafe. 

i.e Spreading lies and rumours is actually Covert Bullying 

and an unlawful and unnecessary distraction and impediment to Community Safety problem solving.

The only community safety issue brought to light by vigilantism 

is the vigilante act itself.

Citizens must advocate to authorities for Community Safety outcomes. 

Citizens must not take the law into their own hands!  

Pete Dowe


"Until fairly recently, there were no sounds associated with female aggression -- as if it didn't exist.

It's only in the last decade or so that aggression by the female -- in the form of social or relational aggression -- has been recognized.

 The words now associated with female aggressive behavior include: 

excluding, ignoring, teasing, gossiping, secrets, backstabbing, rumor spreading and hostile body language (i.e., eye-rolling and smirking).  

Most damaging is turning the victim into a social "undesirable". 

The behavior and associated anger is hidden, often wrapped in a package seen as somewhat harmless or just a "girl thing".  

The covert nature of the aggression leaves the victim with no forum to refute the accusations 

and, in fact, attempts to defend oneself leads to an escalation of the aggression." 

(Bullying in the Female World

The Hidden Aggression Behind the Innocent Smile)

 Psychology Today  Sep. 3rd 2011


Where the Authorities Fail Us, Vigilantes fill the Vacuum

Pete Dowe

“Bayley has destroyed many lives, not only those of his victims, but those close to them. Often a victim’s ability to have a normal relationships or to go out feeling safe is ruined.”

"It’s absolutely ludicrous that Bayley was bailed after being charged over a serious assault, even while still out on parole over the previous rapes."

The Investigator Charlie Bezzina asks why Adrian Bayley was out on parole and able to kill Melbourne woman Jill Meagher

Adrian Bayley arriving at court. Picture: Hamish Blair Source: Herald Sun
When it comes to investigating serious sex attacks police routinely face an incredibly difficult task.
I’ve tracked down serial offenders such as Bayley in the past, and while investigators are tasked with simply gathering the facts, attacks are most likely to be perpetrated at a time and place away from potential witnesses.
Investigators must identify the offenders, then back their suspicions with the supporting evidence including DNA samples, forensic examination and evidence of injuries to victims. But serial criminals like Bayley are more likely to know means of hiding their tracks, and have knowledge of police methods.
So to charge Bayley in the first place, was a great feat in itself.
Seeing such perpetrators walk from the courts on bail or out on parole, when you know their history, is absolutely soul destroying.
As an investigator, you try to detach yourself emotionally, but your real feelings go to the victim, who will have to carry that violation and the emotional and psychological damage for life.
Jill Meagher
Jill Meagher was raped and murdered by Adrian Bayley after being grabbed while walking home after a night out. Picture: HWT library
Bayley has destroyed many lives, not only those of his victims, but those close to them. Often a victim’s ability to have a normal relationships or to go out feeling safe is ruined.
Bayley’s history makes shocking reading. It would be clear to any right-minded person that he was a dangerous man who should not have been walking the streets.
The question rightly on many peoples’ minds is: "How could it happen"?
Sex predator was on parole
Bayley's shocking past
Court releases a series of CCTV recordings that show Jill Meagher, and her accused killer Adrian Bayley, at various locations on the night she was killed.
Authorities warned about Jill killer
Long before he raped and killed Jill Meagher, he had been committing serious crimes, and I’m dismayed to see a history showing him continually being given lenient sentences, despite repeated offences.
The maximum sentence for rape is 25 years, yet in my 38-year career, there have been very few maximum sentences issued, apart from murder.
And when the courts issue a shorter term, it sets a precedent, which is then relied on by the defence to seek lower sentences.
Bayley’s second conviction for a string of rapes – where he was sentenced to a minimum of eight years - is where the whole justice system has failed the victim, and failed the community.
Bayley watched movies after attack
Inside Bayley's police interview
Hunt for Jill ends in the dark
For multiple offenders like him, for a second offence he should have been facing the maximum term.
Instead, because he’d pleaded guilty in the past he was given a discount on his sentence.
He may have been given a discount for being remorseful, but he was only remorseful that he was caught.
But offenders like Bayley are cunning and know how to play the system. And this will not be the first or last time the justice system is duped by professional criminals.
It’s absolutely ludicrous that Bayley was bailed after being charged over a serious assault, even while still out on parole over the previous rapes.
 Jill's life in pictures
Evidence in the Jill Meagher case
If he was arrested for a serious indictable offence, it should be an automatic breach of parole, and bail should be refused to protect the community.
At the moment, the system does nothing to protect the community in the time between his arrest and him being found guilty – which could be months, or longer.
The people who previously dealt with Bayley - the courts, the parole board and legislators are all partly responsible for failing to protect the public from him. They were in a position to act, and these people need to be held to account.
Each time he was let out, Bayley was just building up to the ultimate. And in the end, he did it by murdering Jill Meagher.
Meanwhile other career criminals continue to walk the streets amongst us.
The Government is abolishing suspended sentences, but there is a lot more than needs to be done. Mandatory sentencing must be expanded to take out of the hands of judges. And, multiple offenders should not be win bail for serious offences.
But what really has to change, is the mindsets of the legislators, to give police and others sufficient powers to keep us safe.
The rights of the criminal are always put ahead of the community and the victim.
I think this is wrong, but when I was in court, I told victims’ families: “Understand this. That the most important person in the court room is the person standing in that dock. Their rights must be protected at all costs.”
  1. The career criminal just smirk and know they’re playing the
Some defence lawyers would tell me, “It’s all a game Charlie”, but I don’t believe that.
We need authorities to protect the community first and the rights of the criminals second, not the other way around.
It is high time that the rights of the victims and families come first to protect the innocent.


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